Android Pay is getting an update. Version 1.4 is coming to Android Pay compatible devices so if you’re a regular user, you may check and download the latest from the Google Play Store to start seeing nearby locations and establishments where you can pay using the mobile payment method. Details are scarce but we know the update will also include more translations.

Having Android Pay in more languages is great but it will be better if the service actually works in those countries where it can “speak”. More features are also welcome but it seems that Google has only worked on the maps and and additional language support for now. The updated app is expected to allow the device know your location and show up map of stores nearby that also supports Android Pay.

More and more establishments and financial institutions are accepting Android Pay payments. Added to the long list in recent months include US Bank, MasterCard, KFC, Bank of America, and 55 more banks in the country announced last May.

A map activity of nearby locations that offer Android Pay support will be more than useful to those who are trying to get accustomed with the service. It’s much more convenient to use and even if it has close rivals in Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, Android Pay is much more widespread.

Some stores that accept Android Pay include the following: ACME, Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters, Babies R’ US, AT&T, Chevron, Bloomingdales, Disnet Store, Foot Locker, Express, Jet Blue, Jamba Juice, Game Stop, McDonald’s, Macy’s, Lin’s, Office Depot, Nike, and Lego among others.