At this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company Distimo presented a study on the status of the Android Market. Their results showed that Android had the highest concentration of free apps in respect to the total amount of apps available. Every month more than 3,000 applications are added to Android Market. And out of the total, 57% of applications are free.

This trend will remain steady or increase with the recent announcement of iVdopia coming to Android. The average price of an Android application is $ 3.27 (AppStore: $ 3.62, Ovi $ 3.47, $ 6.49 for Windows and $ 8 for Blackberry). Given which carrier you are on there are more options to purchases apps then there were in the beginning when Google Checkout was the only source. As ReadWriteWeb points out, “Relative to the number of apps housed, Android is actually the fastest growing store.” Distimo also suggest that app prices are coming down (Top paid: $0.99), but customers are still willing to pay more for high quality apps (Top grossing: $9.99). Android is a fast growing platform and the more apps the better, whether it be free or paid. Most apps offer both versions of their apps and this is good when your are trying to decide if you like it or not. There are sure to be more high quality apps hitting the market real soon.

[via androidandme]