Vendetta Online looks to be an amazing game, Brought to us by Guild Software. Android Gaming is about to get much more exciting over the next few weeks and months. With the onslaught of Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core phones and tablets things are surely to get interesting. Tegra 2 is a very powerful Dual Core 1 Ghz processor as you all know, and it will be one of the main factors in taking Android gaming to the next level and more as we prepare to start the rise to beat iPhone in gaming.

Vendetta Online is a port of the very same game for PC and Mac, and it will soon be available in Beta for Android. It was shown around a little at CES and now it has appeared in the Verizon Motorola Xoom Commercial. The game will require a Tegra 2 device and it is suggested to play on a tablet such as the Xoom but will also work on phones as well. Check out some gameplay footage in the Motorola Xoom Commercial below, then followed with a HD clip of Vendetta Online for PC which has a similar look and feel.

Edit: If the first two video’s weren’t enough. Here’s a bit of a demo as recorded at CES 2011, we’ll have much more on the actual final build for Honeycomb here at AC soon.