We had an exciting week in the world of Android Community. For those dying to snag a new LG Nexus 4 the wait is still a little long, but we’re hearing they are shipping at a faster rate as of late to those who have ordered. Samsung had plenty of announcements, and Motorola had a lot of update news. Read on for the full rundown of the past week.

First off Motorola and Verizon updated the DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and now you can all enjoy Google Now, project butter and everything else we love about the latest from Google. Motorola also detailed their update roadmap again, with the Atrix HD next up for the Jelly Bean update. Samsung updated the Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean in Canada, and we saw an Android 4.1 leak for the Galaxy Note as well.

We had a lot of gaming news this past week too. For starters Gameloft’s entire 2013 game lineup was leaked, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City launched Thursday — only to be removed a few minutes later and delayed until next week. Hopefully soon we can enjoy that classic game on our Android devices. Archos released their 7-inch Gamepad tablet, a Draw Something style game with words was released called WordTag, and GameKlip released their universal game controller that attaches to Android devices. Last but not least Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 is coming soon too.

In hardware news LG’s 1080p quad-core smartphone leaked for AT&T, and Samsung had a few announcements too. Samsung’s S Pebble music player is available now in the US as the Galaxy Muse Player. Then some really exciting news from Samsung, we’re hearing the new Galaxy S IV will have a nearly unbreakable screen made of a hardened but bendable plastic instead of fragile glass.

In some other interesting news Verizon’s 4G LTE turned two years old this week, and we learned the Galaxy Camera will be headed to Verizon this month with LTE support. Then Google announced their I/O 2013 event dates, set for the middle of May so get ready for Google-style fun. We’ll end on two good notes. The first being Apple’s multitouch patent was deemed invalid this week, so that should stop some lawsuits. Then the all-in-one SwiftKey Flow keyboard was released in public beta. We’d highly suggest you give that awesome keyboard a try.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!