With the past week finally winding down one of the best ways to enjoy your Sunday afternoon is to catch up on all the latest Android news. Here at Android Community we had another exciting week of news. With the OUYA gaming console dropping all sorts of news, and T-Mobile launching three new smartphones. Head on below for your weekly fix!

To start the week off was exciting news for Motorola DROID 4 fans, as they finally received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from Verizon. Then Motorola teased a new smartphone on Facebook that ended up being nothing but the already released Atrix HD on AT&T. The Nexus 7 was in the news again, as it has been for a few months straight. This time it was mounted inside a Dodge RAM for some in-dash entertainment — and was amazing.

That isn’t all the N7 did either. As you can see above it was overclocked to 1.7 GHz on that quad-core processor and blew away the benchmarks. Thanks to the Trinity kernel it has far exceeded the limits we thought it was capable of. Google’s Google Now search arrived in small pieces for the iPhone, and the rest of the non Jelly Bean Android users are hoping they get the same treatment too. Then as we mentioned above T-Mobile launched two new smartphones on the 8th. One being their version of the original Samsung Galaxy Note, then their budget friendly myTouch smartphones.

The OUYA game console added a list of games and even XBMC support, as well as multiple announcements you can see in the timeline below. To round off the week HTC announced the ThunderBolt would see Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of August, and same goes for their Desire S. Last but certainly not least we are giving away some brand new Nexus 7 tablets. Yes you read that right! Android Community and NVIDIA have partnered again and are giving away 3 brand new 16GB Nexus 7 tablets. Full details can be found in our Nexus 7 Giveaway post. Hit the links below for more coverage from this week, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.