Earlier today, Verizon finally had the Motorola DROID 4 available for sale. And fortunately, we’ve also finished our in-depth review of the device. Be sure to check it out before heading down to purchase one; although, it proved to be the best QWERTY Android device on the market. So there’s a good chance it’s just what you’ve been waiting for!

Next up, we’ve gotten word the Samsung Galaxy Note will be available in ‘Berry Pink’ soon. However, don’t expect to pick one up for your girl before Valentines Day, as it will release around the week of February 26th. It’s actually hard to tell if this one will ever come to the US. The button configuration is congruent to that of the international version and looks nothing like the one for AT&T.

MWC is right around the corner, and LG just hinted at showing off a set of “revolutionary” phones. They could be referring to the LG Optimus Vu; a phone with a 5″ display and 4:3 aspect ratio. Then again, we’ve already seen such a large screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note – so ‘revolutionary’ may not be the right word.

And have you ever heard of a program that grants you a phone upgrade every 6 months? Well it turns out Phones 4U new JUMP trade-in model does just that. JUMP stands for “Just upgrade my phone”, and acts much like a lease-to-purchase option often seen at car dealerships.