Project Tango has been a pet project of Google, giving developers from all over the world the tools needed in order for them to create unique augmented reality (AR) experiences which lets them explore their physical space and transform it into something virtual and digital. Through the Project Tango Tablet Development Kits, there are now hundreds of Project Tango-enabled apps that have been created for fun and useful purposes. Google has also announced the winners of the app contest that they conducted to get more developers creating apps.

They received over 190 original submissions and chose three different category winners, as well as a Best Overall App. The one who received the latter is WeR Cubed, a puzzler game, but this time in 3D. Players will be able to use the motion tracking ability of Project Tango-enabled devices in order to solve these puzzles. The developer, Heroic Arcade, will receive $8,192 for winning this developer community-voted prize.

For the Entertainment/Games category, the winner was Ghostly Mansion, where you try to figure out how you died and why you’re trapped in the mansion. For the category in utility, Phi3D lets you use your mobile device so you can capture dense 3D models in real time. Lastly, in the VR and AR category, the winner is InnAR Wars, where you and another player duke it out on an asteroid field that is filled with uninhabited planetoids.

The category winners will get $4096 each as their prize. Meanwhile, for a limited time only, those interested in getting the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit will get it at 50% off.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog