A lot of the Android smartphone users out there wait in anticipation for the next version of the operating system to be made available for their device. Earlier this month, we learned that the HTC One X will be getting a Android 4.2.2 operating system update in June. That certainly was good news for One X users.

However, a bit of bad news has now surfaced for owners of the One X smartphone who are hoping to get the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie update in the future. A report has surfaced that indicates HTC doesn’t intend to upgrade the One X past Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The tip comes from a person claiming to have knowledge of HTC’s plans.

HTC has been very quiet on which devices outside of its Nexus line will be getting Android updates. The company’s latest smartphone, the HTC One, ships with Android 4.1. So far, there are little details on which older HTC smartphones will be getting the Android 4.2 update. Presumably, the new devices such as the One will be getting updates for a long time to come.

HTC smartphone fans who are looking forward to Android 5.0 may end up needing to purchase a new smartphone to be able to enjoy the coming flavor of Android. The tip on the One X update comes from a Twitter user going by the name LlabTooFeR. However, as with any post of this sort their is no way to know if it’s accurate or just a way for the tipster get some attention.

[via Gottabemobile]


  1. I’m confused by that picture you used. That is the start up for the HTC One but that clearly is not the HTC One phone. And this article is about a HTC One X, not the HTC One.

    • I have that same exact phone and it is the One X. That is the start up screen that I see whenever I turn my phone on or restart it. It might just be a default start up that HTC uses for their One series.

  2. Aaaaaand this is why I will only buy a Nexus. Not sure why HTC keeps coming up with these stupid names that have no long term longevity. Should pick up a flagship name like the DNA and keep that name from here on out for the flagship like Galaxy uses the S for their phones. You know the Galaxy S is their flagship phone. With the current way they are doing it, the average customer will not know which is their flagship phone. Unless they’re going to call the next phone the One 2, One 3. Of course that would sound stupid. Maybe they’re going to call it the HTC Two the HTC Three and so on. Whatever they do, they need to pick a permanent flagship name for the main phone line so that they can actually gain some recognition for a consistent main phone name. This One X, One X Plus, then plain ole One is just confusing and a dumb strategy. I don’t like having any heavely skinned, bloat filled, never knowing when you’re going to get an update, overly priced $600-$800 off contract phone of any kind, but I sure as farva beans don’t want HTC to disappear and only have Samsung as the main Android leader.

      • Well after owning pretty much every iPhone released and about 41 high end US and Europe only Androids since Android 1.1 (yes 41), and a couple latest of the greatest Windows Phones, I’ve had tons of storage, to not enough. SD to no SD. I’ve had boring OS , jailbroken iPhones running dual iOS and Android on an iPhone, rooted, unrooted, tooted and pooted versions. For me personally I haven’t missed the SD card one bit. My HTC One XPlus had 64, I still prefer the Nexus 4 over them all. It produces the best overall daily experience out of every Galaxy, Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, iPhone etc that I’ve had. Does it have its little setbacks? Sure but for the price and features, the setbacks are nothing compared to the constant little glitches and annoying problems I would have thoroughly and heavily testing all of those phones. This hands-down is the smoothest operating virtually trouble-free (near iPhone- like consistency ) Android phone I have ever used and, I would trade all of my phones for this one phone. Only thing that’s going to make me get rid of this phone as my daily driver is the Nexus 5 and or a 32 GB version of this phone, other than that I could keep this for two years and be happy.


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