ChangeWave, a market data company has conducted another survey questioning current and potentially future smartphones owners on their plans to purchase a device. The survey which was conducted for the 3-month period spanning June to September unsurprisingly shows Android’s appeal to have grown 7%. Meanwhile, Apple’s has dropped by about 12%.

Android appeal raising from 30-percent to 37-percent marks yet another jump in interest in the open platform. We saw a plateau effect on Android appeal around the launch of the iPhone 4, but since then it has been steadily jumping.

However it is not all good news, in their customer satisfaction survey conducted during the same months, 74-percent of iPhone buyers were “very satisfied” with their current device, whereas only 65-percent of Android users claimed the same satisfaction. This still puts them well ahead of their competitors Palm, RIM, and Windows Mobile.

With many high end devices set to launch this year and early next year we can expect to see both the satisfaction and appeal numbers grow in the next survey as Android continues it’s race to the number 1 mobile platform.

[Via SlashGear]