When you hear the name AmpMe, we’re sure you would first think of amplifiers. Well, the brand is all about music and audio and this isn’t the first time we’re hearing of a new offering by AmpMe. Earlier this year, we were introduced to a special mobile app that delivers simultaneous media playback over multiple devices.

Such kind of media playback results to audio amplification because all smartphones can play music at once. AmpMe allows devices, whether Android or iOS, to become multi-room speakers. This time, AmpMe is introducing a new service that will allow users to sync Bluetooth speakers.

Yes, Bluetooth speakers are now included to AmpMe’s syncing function. So aside from smartphones, you can now sync all the Bluetooth speakers you have at home even if they are in different rooms. The idea is that AmpMe helps audiophiles create their own sound system without having to purchase complicated software or hardware. You only need your phones and speakers plus the AmpMe app to make it a reality.

Syncing media playback results to louder audio even when you don’t have huge amplifiers, loud subwoofer, or expensive speakers. It’s easy to do actually.Download the AmpMe app on your devices, sync mobile devices to start an AmpMe party, and then connect the Bluetooth speakers to a mobile devices.

AmpMe definitely lets you amp up the music in any party. As you know, a party won’t be a party without some cool music. Turn up the volume and dance away!