One of the things that most Android phone users would really like is a camera that works better for video and pic taking. A company called Ambarella has announced a new application processor for better photos on Android devices. The app processor is called the iOne SoC and will add advanced HD camera and multimedia capability to Android devices.

The company claims that the iOne will launch a new class of smart cameras with no compromise still photos and advanced HD video recording, internet connectivity and the ability to run powerful apps. The iOne will support multi-stream encoding for live video streaming, WiFi uploading, the ability to play back web content in 1080p60 resolution and it will support 3D.

The iOne is based on the ARM architecture and is triple-core part with dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor for apps and a third 533MHz ARM-11 core for real-time camera tasks. The design of the iOne requires a single x32 DRAM and supports HD GUI and OpenGL ES 2.0. The SoC support all leading video formats including DivX and more.