Amazon has recently introduced a new shopping app for Android. Amazon Underground lets you do your shopping for apps and games for free. By free we mean the apps offered are complete with all the premium features. No need to pay extra for in-app items because the titles included are free versions of popular paid apps like ‘Goat Simulator‘, ‘OfficeSuite Professional 8’, ‘PhotoSuite 4’, ‘Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions‘, ‘Frozen Free Fall’, ‘Looney Tunes Dash!‘, and ‘Angry Birds Slingshot’ among others.

Amazon has partnered with game and app developers to work out a business model that would pay them on a per-minute played basis for their apps and games according to the e-commerce site. The idea is for these developers to waive in-app fees and they will be paid only every time an app is used or a game is played. So who’s paying for the app then? It’s actually Amazon who’s paying the per minute charges so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

To enjoy the full benefits of these premium apps and game, just download the Underground app and access from there. Owners of Fire HDX and Fire HD tablets will find the Underground app on their units automatically but app can also be downloaded from if you use any other Android tablet or phone.

Amazon Android shopping app

Simply put, Underground is a well-packaged Amazon app store. You cannot find it anywhere on Google Play. It’s basically a new Amazon shopping app but you can now see an “Actually Free” section where you can access and download all those “free” apps as long as developers keep them in the Amazon app store. They can be pulled out anytime so might as well enjoy them before you’re asked to pay a dollar or more.

Amazon Underground 2

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SOURCE: Amazon