Amazon’s Kindle for Android app has been updated to v2.0, complete with newspaper and magazine support together with “Move to SD Card” functionality enabled. The ereader app now allows access to Amazon’s 100+ periodical titles, and shifts the Amazon store into the app itself rather than kicking you into the web version when you want to buy a new ebook.

Meanwhile there’s also support for sharing your reading progress with social networks. The UI has been tweaked, with the option to use your Android smartphone’s volume keys to control page turns, and the chapter title now included in the reader status bar; there’s also zoom functionality for images and graphics.

Amazon Kindle for Android 2.0 is a free download in the Android Market.


  1. This is a fantastic looking app. I have wanted an Amazon Kindle since they were released but the cost was too high for me, this app enables me to have an ebook reader on a piece of tech I already own.


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