If you are an Android smartphone user that likes to play games and has a soft spot for the retro variety, the free game on the Amazon App Store will be appealing. For today the free game of the day is the retro classic Pac-Man. I know many geeks around in the 80’s cut their gaming teeth on that arcade game.

The only downside to me with this game is that the virtual joystick isn’t my favorite control method. Typically, this game sells for 99 cents and what you are getting for free is the full version of the game, not some limited version. If you don’t like the virtual joystick, you can swap it to the flick mode.

I hate the flick mode even more though; our pal Pac-Man never seems the change direction when I want him to using that control method. Apparently, the trick is to flick just before the turn you want to make. Go download this game right now and save yourself a buck to put towards something else.

[via Gottabemobile]