Amazon’s very popular Kindle App for Android has received an update. Bringing many new and much requested features, the Kindle is proving to maintain it’s position as the most popular eReader app on the Market.

These new features include full text search, the ability to add notes and highlights and have them synchronized with other devices, voice search, Wikipedia lookup and more. Detailed below these are all much needed updates and they each make reading more robust and navigation throughout your collections even easier.

New Kindle for Android features include:

  • Search within the book:  Customers can either type or speak a word or phrase to search within a book.
  • Add, Edit and Delete Notes and Highlights: Kindle for Android is the only reading app for Android-based devices that allows readers to add notes and highlights to books, and have them automatically synchronized between devices.
    Wikipedia Lookup:  Look up words and phrases in Wikipedia simply by selecting text.
  • Shelfari Book Details:  For the first time, customers can view additional book details from the books-focused social networking site Shelfari.  Readers will find a description of the book, synopsis, summary, cast of characters, and many more features, and be able to view real-time discussions that the Shelfari community is having about the book.
  • Orientation Lock: Choose to lock the orientation of their screen in landscape or portrait mode to allow for comfortable reading in any position.

With the new voice and text search features you can easily find the section of a box you have been longing to read or check in on. It seems very impressive so far and is very quick and an overall very useful tool for the already popular application.

Kindle for Android is available in the Android Market, and the update is available today.


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