Adobe has announced that it has updated some of its software for devs to allow the developers to use the platform for new platforms. The update is for Adobe Flash builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5. The two platforms were updated for support with Android in April of this year. The new update also allows the platforms to be used to develop for other OS’ including the iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry PlayBook.

The new update allows Android devs that are already familiar with the software tools to use the Adobe software for other platforms. Flash Builder 4.5 lets applications work seamlessly across multiple leading platforms. The Flex 4.5 update also adds new enhancements to improve developer productivity. Developers can use practice code templates, code completion and generation features in Flash Builder 4.5.

The development platform also allows the software to run on desktop and notebook computers. Adobe says that many apps using Flash Builder and Flex have already been published to the Android Market, App Store, and to other app markets for various platforms.