The popular game on consoles, Skylanders, now has an Android version. Activision is finally giving fans of the game another way to play by bringing the Skylanders Trap Team to Android. For now, only tablets are supported. Actually, that’s only a few tablets because it’s specified on the Play Store that the game requires the Nexus 7 and Galaxy tablets like the Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab Pros 8.4, 10.1, 12.2, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 , and the 8.4 and 10.5 Galaxy Tab S. The said tablets must have 3GB of minimum storage, WiFi, and at least Android 4.3.

Kids will love this game because they can play with real toys while playing the game on the tablet. Make sure you get the Tablet Starter Pack for the complete Skylanders Trap Team gameplay experience. A kit includes all digital packs of the game, two Digital Skylanders & 2 Digital Traps, a Wireless Bluetooth Traptanium Portal, Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller, one Trap Collection Tray, one character collection poster, two sticker sheets with secret codes, and two trading cards.

The game features more than 175 playable character and over 40 villains who escaped from the Cloudtracker Prison that must be captured. With the Traptanium, you can trap the villains and bring them back to Skylands.

While this is great news for the Skylander fans, only a few tablets are supported. Most of the models in the list are high-end tablets from Samsung. The low-priced Android tablets also from Samsung and other brands have been left out from having all the fun and becoming part of the Trap Team. The starter pack only relies on Bluetooth and not WiFi or NFC so how come only a few tablets are supported?

Download the Skylanders Trap Team for Android from Google Play Store