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Action Launcher celebrates fifth-year milestone with a discount

Believe it or not, it’s been five years since Action Launcher was launched. It was in December of year 2012 when the app launcher was introduced to the Android community. It has since received numerous updates with the version 2.0 rolling out the following year after months of being teased. It soon received “Ok Google” and then the Action Launcher 3.0 arrived as a paid upgrade with new Quicktheme feature, new goodies in 3.3 version, Quickbard feature on 3.5, Quickfind, easy customization, and double tap to lock.

The past five years, we’ve seen the Action Launcher develop into a reliable app that makes one’s digital mobile lives easier. There have been several updates and fixes and improvement to Quickcuts feature. This time last year, the December update added the unread numbers and Pixel Launcher style. This 2017, it was updated for Android O. The launched now has a new weather widget, better theming options, adaptive icons, Pixel 2-style search bar, plus Adaptive Folders on the new Essential Phone.

The Google Play Store says the app has been installed more than five million times. The app received 32 major updates already and is absolutely popular. It even won a number of awards already. It’s a paid app but it sure is popular among the millions of mobile consumers. The in-app purchase method was applied in 2014 and the app hasn’t seen any discount yet but since last week, it’s on 30% off discount. The promo will go on until today only because it’s a 3-day sale.

Now is the best time to get the app because of the good price. Before the year is over, we can expect another update will be released.

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SOURCE: Action Launcher