Hey there everybody, it’s time for a big fat giveaway! We’ve had a call from TeleNav, our good pals navigating the entirety of the United States, and they’ve told us that they want to give YOU a full one-year subscription to TeleNav GPS Navigation [or alternative partner branded version] in celebration of their system working via AT&T Navigator [in a brand new version, 2.2] on the Motorola ATRIX – you can see a fabulous video of that below. Now what about this contest? How do I enter? And more importantly – how do I WIN?!

First, here’s the video of TeleNav working on the ATRIX. If you’d like more info on how to update your phone to the newest version of AT&T Navigator, head over to the original TeleNav Blog Post.

Then, down to business. Do the following and you are INSTANTLY entered:

1. Go to TeleNav’s Facebook Page and click the LIKE button.
2. Go to Android Community Official on Facebook and click the LIKE button.
3. TWEET the following: I wanna win the @androids #telenavcontest http://tinyurl.com/4jmdacs !

*If you already follow and “like” us, we love you! No need to double-hit!
*Winners chosen by random pick out of our magic hat.
*One entry per person.
*Android Community reserves the right to refuse any entry or winner for any reason whatsoever, not limited to items such as the entry being submitted by someone who isn’t eligible because of in-family connections.
*Following devices compatible with TeleNav: http://www.telenav.com/products/tn/devices/ *NOTE: Verizon is not eligible for this contest, sorry!

Now get out there and start entering! Tell all your friends! Get TeleNav and freak out because it’s super amazing and helps you get around!