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Acer launches two 360-degree cameras, both LTE-enabled for social media, cloud storage


The 360-degree camera market is one that is still gaining momentum, in our opinion. Taiwan-based manufacturer Acer is trying to enter this market with two new 360-degree cameras – the Acer Holo360, and the Acer Vision360. Both have LTE connectivity capabilities for easy sharing of videos and for access to cloud storage.

The Acer Holo360 is a camera with a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset. The camera provides 360-degree video and renders it in 4K resolution. You also get a 3-inch touchscreen display for in-device operations, lessening the need for another device to preview, cut, and share videos to social media networks. The Holo360 runs on Android 7.1, and does not need to pair with a smartphone or PC to work.

The Acer Vision360 is Acer’s in-car dash camera alternative. You actually get two high-powered cameras to provide stunning 4K resolution video of everything around your car. The LTE connection allows the system to store its videos to cloud storage solutions for easy access. The Vision360 has some triggers in case of accidents – it immediately records video, tags it with timestamps and GPS coordinates, and immediately uploads to cloud storage for evidence.

The Acer Holo360 will be available in the US and Europe by November, retailing at USD$429, bundled with a water resistant case. There is no information yet on when the Vision 360 dash cam will start selling and at what price point.