Any time you use public Wi-Fi networks, cellular data, or semi-private corporate networks, you leave yourself vulnerable to attack. Cyber criminals prey on the people who use these types of networks to steal their information and, in most cases, the victims have absolutely no idea they’ve been hacked until it’s too late. Protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves with a lifetime subscription to Tiger VPN Lite, 96% off for readers of Android Community.

The best way to safeguard your information is by using a virtual private network, such as Tiger VPN Lite. Tiger VPN Lite acts as middleman between you and the internet. It encrypts your data and hides your identity so that anyone who intercepts your information will not be able to decipher it.

With your subscription to Tiger VPN Lite, you’ll enjoy top notch security with 256 bit SSL encryption, as well as access to 10 Gbps servers that are optimized to limit latency globally, and 15 nodes located around the world in places like Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. Plus, with no data restrictions, you can enjoy watching video streaming services like Netflix without having to put up with constant buffering.

Tiger VPN Lite is compatible with selected Android and iOS devices, as well as PC and Mac computers. Please check the deal page to ensure your device is compatible before purchasing.

Protect your data and identity with a lifetime subscription to Tiger VPN Lite, just $29 at Android Community Deals for a limited time.

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