Let me tell you, Android Community, and I mean that like you, all of you out there that came up to us during this convention over the past couple days to either give us a tip, ask us which phone we were using as a primary, or just to say hi: we love you! I shouldn’t really call you a street team at the moment since technically you’re not taking stickers of ours and pasting them on stop signs – but perhaps soon! We’ve had a great time meeting ALL of you here in Florida and hope to meet up with you again soon!

You know who you are, you’re the people who we met, exchanged cards with, traded hugs with, and even swapped shirts with (true story!) It’s such a unique situation we’re in here with only a few days out of the year to physically meet up with you who work with us every day from the other sides of the internet. It’s always a privilege to see you, and I and we would like as many opportunities as we can grab to say thanks for being such a fabulous group.

That said, those of you who considered speaking to us but were frightened by the trails of fire our feet were leaving as we jammed out across the floor, between keynotes, and to and from fancy parties, please, feel free to ride the wave! We love to meet new people who’re interested in Android every single day, and never EVER mind someone coming up to us just to say hi, we read you, let’s keep in touch!

Until next show, please, without a doubt, feel free to hang out in the discussion forums, (that’s if you aren’t already there, that perhaps leaving, what, 10 of you in the world,) and tell us how it’s going!

SO! Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity in kindness, and we can’t wait to meet each of you again!