We don’t care much about foreign mobile carriers but New Zealand-based 2degrees Mobile demonstrates the importance of carryover data that don’t disappear. You see, many networks all over the world offer more data for such low prices but truth is, most people don’t use them all up. While some companies promise unused data can be added to the next cycle, others aren’t as generous. So what happens now to unspent data? We don’t really know. The video below is hilarious but at least we’re entertained.

We don’t know if the unused data are “decomposing in some data warehouse” or “smuggled out of the country and sold at auction” but we know 2degrees Mobile boasts of Carryover Data that don’t just disappear.

We’re not really familiar with this company but checking out the website, it has got some interesting offers like the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with free accessories and 128GB storage card when you get the $49.95 monthly plan. There’s an Unlimited Broadband offer for only $59 while Pay Monthly plans with Carryover Data range anything between $37 to $58.

The company has promised no disappearing data so let’s just trust 2degrees to deliver the savings and Carryover Data and continue with all those value for money deals.

SOURCE: 2degreesmobile