Both the Nexus Marlin and Nexus Sailfish are highly anticipated by Nexus fans. Google has been busy working on the two compared to the previous years. We also can’t wait to know how HTC as the rumored OEM has made the two and if the devices will help to pull up sales. You see, HTC hasn’t been doing so well in the business the past year but it remains to be positive. Hopefully, the two new Nexus phones will do HTC good.

The Google Nexus Sailfish was recently sighted on an AnTuTu benchmark after also being leaked on GFXBench. Earlier, rendered images were shown off. We know the Sailfish will be smaller of the two. We’re guessing it may not be known as the Sailfish officially but for reference, it will be a “fish”.

The Nexus Sailfish is expected to bear a full-metal design with no plastic at all according to a recent report. Most likely, it will be very similar to the HTC Marlin but smaller in size and lower specs resulting to a lesser price. The Marlin could be the high-end phone while this could be the entry-level or budget-friendly version.

An image recently cropped up showing the Sailfish with a 5-inch screen. Nothing is certain yet but the image, even with the bad cropping, seems believable. We don’t know where this came from but right now, we’d take anything from the leaker but still with a pinch of salt.

Another leak on Twitter shows a similar device:

HTC Nexus Sailfish twitter

What can we say? Phone isn’t too thick or thin just right. It’s said to have a glass back and fingerprint sensor similar to the Nexus 4 and iPhone. The shiny back panel is said to be glass but it could also be just glossy plastic.

VIA: Android Police, Twitter