If you’re that big of a gamer that you’re already familiar with game studios, then you might know that 11 bit studios is one of the more popular ones out there. They have created a reputation for creating high quality action-packed games ever since they came on the scene in 2012 with Anomaly: War Zone. But if you have not tried yet any of their games, now may be the perfect time to do so because all of the ones they created are at 80% off until June 20.

The sale of course includes the game that made them popular, Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD. This game is responsible for turning the tower defense game on its head because here, you are actually the one on the attacking side. The game has a sequel called Anomaly 2 (of course) and it is also on sale. The difference between the two games aside from improved graphics and gameplay is that the sequel has a single-player campaign mode and the dynamic tower defense vs tower offense multiplayer mode.

This War of Mine is one of their more critically-acclaimed games, an action-adventure game that is based on real life events, specifically the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War in the 90s. It is not just a game where you are trying to survive in a war-torn city, but it also makes you think about the nature of good and evil and the extent of what you will do to survive. It is also one of their more expensive games, so getting it at 80% off is a great deal already.

The other games that are on sale are other variants of the Anomaly game (Anomaly Korea and Anomaly Defenders), Funky Smugglers, Sleepwalker’s Journey, and SpaceCom. All these games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for just $0.99 each until June 20.

SOURCE: 11bitstudios