Aside from Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run, Nintendo has another potential cash cow in Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s a free game but in-app purchases are offered so you can continue on with the adventure. The game was launched earlier this month in Japan and other territories. It arrived first on the App Store for iOS after months of being delayed.

To celebrate the game’s launch, Nintendo is giving away thousands of free feathers to all players of Fire Emblem Heroes. Free 10,000 hero feathers will be given as reward if the goal of 10,000 global retweets is achieved by February 7. As expected, geekdom won and even went over the goal by reaching over 34,000. This one means one thing: free hero feathers for all.

If you play Fire Emblem Heroes, wait for the 10,000 feathers to arrive on your inbox. If you’ve started playing this new simulation adventure, you know that it’s difficult to get the feathers. If you won’t buy, you need to send home heroes or earn the feathers in the arena.

Having lots of feathers is important because it takes a while to build a considerable amount you can use to upgrade heroes. With those feathers, you can unlock your heroes’ potential and improve their skills until they become 5-star heroes.

Nintendo hasn’t announced when the 10,000 feathers will be delivered exactly but don’t be surprised if suddenly, other players get to upgrade their heroes.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes from the Google Play Store

VIA: SlashGear