The penultimate day of Google’s 10 Billion Apps promotion is upon us, and thankfully there’s a fresh batch of apps and games to pick up on the cheap. Google is celebrating more than 10 billion (with a b) app downloads with apps discounted to just ten cents / pence, a discount of more than 90% in most cases. Today’s batch of new apps includes EzPDF, Guns’n’Glory and Zenonia.

Here’s the list of new apps so far: Collapse!, Deer Hunter 3D, EzPDF, Guns’n’Glory, MX Moto, Sleepy Jack, Tank Riders, Toddler Tapping Zoo, and Zenonia. If you didn’t pick up SwiftKey X already, you’ve got another chance today. Google’s focus on games remains, but it’s nice to see them throw in another utility, in the form of the very solid ExPDF. If you often find yourself viewing Adobe documents on your phone or tablet, it’s well worth the dime.

As usual, Google won’t update the banner on the Market home page for some time, so just use the links above for the moment. Yesterday’s deals will be active for a few more hours if you haven’t already bought what you wanted. Google’s been having issues with the Android Market locking up due to the sale, especially in the mornings (US). They’ll likely refund your purchase if something goes wrong, but to avoid the hassle, you might want to either use the web version or wait until later in the day to buy your apps.