Google’s 10 Billion Apps promotion rolls on for another day, delivering cheap premium apps to all the good boys and girls in the Android world. And all the bad ones, too – Google doesn’t judge. The company started reducing a selection of paid apps to just ten cents last Tuesday, and will continue to do so through Thursday of this week. Today’s highlights include HD Widgets, FlightTrack and Train Conductor 2.

There are only six new apps on offer today: Where’s My Water?, HD Widgets, All By Myself (another Little Critter book/app), FlightTrack, Instant Heart Rate Pro, and Train Conductor 2: USA. The rest of the apps have already been offered on previous days: SlideIt Keyboard, Shazam Encore, Sketchbook Mobile, Flick Golf!, Christmas HD and Color & Draw for kids HD. Yesterday’s apps are still at their discounted rates, but not for long. You can buy all of today’s deals in the Android Market.

As Google’s promotion winds down, it’s getting a much higher percentage of repeat apps. That said, 10 cents for any of these apps, most going for $1.99 or more at their normal price, is a huge bargain. By the end of Thursday you will have had the chance to buy over 70 apps for less than $8, a deal that’s hard for anyone to argue with. I only hope ADWLauncher EX gets another go-round.