Boost Mobile just recently launched their newest and best prepaid Android device in the ZTE Warp. Becoming available just two days ago on November 2nd, we have some good news for potential buyers although if you already picked this up you might not want to keep reading. Today Boost Mobile has decided after two days to lower the price, all the details are after the break.

Boost Mobile understanding these hard times customers want the best possible smartphone and price both. That is now what they are offering in the ZTE Warp. Being their highest end smartphone available it offers a 4.3″ display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 1 GHz processor and a 5 megapixel camera. All of this completely contract free and on a prepaid plan for just $199 starting today. It was originally $249 and for the few that may have ran out and bought this come launch day, you might be feeling a little upset right about now but don’t worry, Boost Mobile has your back.

For those that bought the new ZTE Warp on launch day or at the full price of $249, Boost Mobile will be giving out a one time $55 dollar credit to make up the difference. So basically don’t get too upset because they are making it up to you. I’d even try asking for a free car charger too but that might be pushing your luck. I seriously doubt after two days sales were low enough to warrant a price drop, so it appears this was just a good move by the folks at Boost Mobile. Head over to to get your own today.

  • Happy i dnt just jump up and go get on the 1st Day!!!!! ūüôā

  • This is¬† a Great Phone Fast And¬† a Plus 4.3 screen and no contract. cnt get any better then that!!!!

  • Emi

    New York, NY. Nov 7, 2011: 

    Today I went to buy the new ZTE Warp android phone from Boost Mobile to the store and they pretty much ripped me off. 

    I paid for the phone (the ZTE Warp), and the representative at the store did the switch to this new ZTE to replace my previous Samsung Galaxy Prevail (an android phone). 3 hours later I get home to check on my account online as the internet service on the phone for some reason is not working yet. When I logged into my boost mobile online account, my monthly plan payment was changed! This new change was made to my plan without my authorization. My plan has been $50 for over a year now. They just went ahead and changed it to $55.

    I called 611 to speak to one of their agent and mentioned that they changed my plan without my authorization, and that I was not rewarded $55 for getting the phone before Nov. 8th for a promotion they have. I spoke to a representative name Frank. Frank clearly told me “you are LYING there are no current promotions crediting $55 to anyone”, I mentioned to him that the phone was dropped from $249 to 199 and that the credit was been given to anyone that purchase the phone by Nov. 8th and that this was been posted on every phones news websites. He kept on calling me a liar. I explained to him that even though he did not believe me that at least I wanted my monthly plan bill to remain $50 a month as I did not asked for the change. He said that there was nothing that they can do about it, that thats just the way it is. I asked for a manager. “Augie” was put on the phone. I explained to Augie that they changed my account without my consent and that this was not informed to me. So, he went ahead and changed the plan back to $50 and excused himself. After we hanged up, there was no service on the cellphone. Augie changed my monthly payment date and took away any money that I had previously paid, so now I supposedly do not have enough money in my account to cover my monthly plan that I already paid for.

    I called customer service again, this time I spent another 1.5 hour on the phone with a Manager named “Jay”. He was on their line phone number 888-266-7848. He told me that my conversation was going to be recorded, I agreed to it, so I recorded it myself as well.¬†
    I explained to Jay that all I did was to buy a new phone for over $200 in their store and that I wanted to keep my same plan service, and to have the service back on. He continually tried to convince me to pay for a new month of service to have my service reinstalled and to change my plan. I told Jay, to please reinstall my service the way it was with my old cellphone (the samsung prevail) because I planned to return the new ZTE Warp phone first thing in the morning because I did not plan to pay any extra money on my plan. He said that there is no going back and that I either had to paid for my account new bill today or will not have service period. I asked for someone with more authority than him, he asked me to hang up to call me back from his line. I asked him to just transfer the call to his boss line. He kept on insisting for me to hangup for him to call me back with his boss. No one ever called, and now I do not have a phone.

    I am now $200+ short of cash in my pocket. I do not have service on my phone. My current monthly pay plan service was changed to something more expensive without my authorization. Talk about “No hidden fees anytime”. I have a brand new phone and also my old phone but none have any service. I wasted my only day off from work on the phone talking to boost mobile and with no success. I did not get the $55 discount that was promised, because the manager said that only new activations get granted the $55 discount.¬†

    The only reason that I have boost mobile is because they sell the “no hidden fees” steady monthly plan service. With $200 I can buy an iPHONE! How rich do they think they are going to get screwing people up in this way? Shame on them. Please, take what I just went through as an experience to avoid this company.

    • EZapata NYC ( aka Emi )

      …Oh by the way, the phones feels cheap, it feels lighter in weight than the Samsung Prevail even though it is bigger.

    • The deal with boost mobile is that is you had the samsung prevail before they changed to the new Android plan then you could keep paying what you were paying. If you got another Android then the plan would automatically switch to the new one. You didn’t get ripped off. You are just paying what anyone else who buys a Android from Boost Mobile would pay. If you wanted to keep payng what you were paying you should have kept the Prevail.

      • E Zapata

        I spoke to one of the managers representatives on the phone 888 line and he said that since I was already using an Android prior to the switch that my plan should of not have been changed. I went from Android to Android. My account plan online before the change read “$50 android mntly w/shrinkage”, they just decided to make the change themselves without letting me know.

      • Lazaro

        they sure leave the old plan ,they sure respect the longer you state the lower you paid,I did got the blackberry plan and after a 10 saving I change to Samsung ultra and they lower my price to 45 after we talk on the phone for 1 hr.

    • Jessica Seckel

      It is because they now have an android plan, and it’s $55. The store should have told you about it. the $5 dollars basically pays for the android market, but you do get shrinkage still. It’s like with their blackberry’s they are $60 a month.

    • Taraquad440

      i have to agree with you it sounds like someone didnt do there job right when they sold you the phone i am on boost sister network yeah thats right virgin mobile this is how they made it work for me i baught an android phone i was on the 40.00 dollor plan they raised there prices on the plans but because i allready had the plan they couldnt change it so now anyone who got there phone after the price change they are paying more and as long as i pay my monthly on time i get to keep it just like it is so what im getting to is they should not have changed your plan just because you changed your phone most people keep the same carrier so they dont have to change numbers and such and your only changeing your s/n so what the big deal and you upgraded your phone not your plan 

    • Danny Girl

      I love Boost but there customer service is sh*t! It takes forever for me to get a person on the phone and when I do they tell me I’m wrong…or atleast¬†I think thats what they’re saying. They’re all Indians so I can hardly understand WTF is being said….as if there aren’t enough ppl in the US that need jobs. Why they have to out source is beyond me….Oh wait cuz they’re cheap!

    • Goodfellas508

      Listen if u didn’t already kno, u should have looked all that information up b4 u got the warp. That phone requires for u to have the 55 dollar a month plan… It’s called the adroid service plan… It’s like that for all the warps, it’s is not bcuz they change but bcuz that is what that phone requires u to b on that plan….. I pay 50 a month but I totally understand if I would have to pay an extra 5 dollars for a android phone, seriously cmon ur complaining about an extra five wen ur gettin an upgrade on the new best boost phone…. Get a clue like I said it’s worth the the five for that phone…… Should of just kept the phone:) lmfao

      • I get that he’s ridiculous to be whining about a measly $5 here, but his previous phone was an Android phone… Samsung Prevail. There has to be another reason for the upcharge.

    • Seriously? All that for a lousy $5 a month?¬†

  • Pelos 55

    have someone knows how to make the battery last longer?
    there is any tricks or apps i can use… i charge it all night long, unplug it around 7:20 am
    its only 12:41 pm and the battery is almost gone… is it normal?

    • Tiffany

      did you charge it right when you got it. Because if you played with it first then it will have a bad battery. Also if you get a app that is called something like app killer it shuts off your apps when your not using them. bc ususally when you use a app even though you exit it; it most likely is still running and that kills the battery to.

    • Taraquad440

      there is an app called app control that after you stop or kill the apps you need stoped running in the background you can also kill or stop it it works prety well i have used it for awhile on a rooted set up you can also get get a widget called battstat to keep an eye on the battery it doesnt require any special access to your phone or internet

    • Chino

      depends how you have your briqhtness

  • Mrs Bak3r

    Its called INSURANCE that’s what the extra $5.00 is for

  • Mrs Bak3r

    Hi there I’m a Tmobile customer but I have used boost before I’m using a htc sensation 4g with Tmobile but thinking about going back to boost because of the priceing in plans Tmobile has the best phones,best 4g speed great camera on there phones but the price on the plans are rediculist the plan I have with Tmobile cost me $945 a year if I go back to boostmobile it will cost me $660 a year but my htc sensation has a 8 megapixel camera with flash hd recording and some verse the 5 megapixel camera I don’t know what to do at this point

    • Erm… I’ll agree that the T-Mobile contract plans are ridiculous, but their prepaid plans are pretty awesome. I pay roughly $636 a year, however, I don’t have 4g. My phone is a 2 year old Android phone. That being said, I’m looking to purchase a new phone within the next two months, and I’m strongly considering Boost, not because I’m unhappy with T-Mobile or their service, but because I really like the shrinkage option.¬†
      If you’re super attached to your phone, maybe look into the T-Mobile prepaid plans. All you need to do is order a new Sim card.

  • Paul

    I had a Motorola Triumph for a short month after purchasing it for $300. People on the other end during phone calls, said I sounded muffled. One person even said I sounded like I was under water. This is a complaint about the Triumph on other reviews as well. After searching for another Droid phone through a prepaid service, I stumbled upon the ZTE Warp with Boost Mobile shrinkage plan. I was hoping that this phone would be the answer and have clear phone conversations on both ends. I bought the phone for $218.00 including shipment through Boost Mobile online. I got the phone in the mail and activated it with my existing number and I am now using it for going on the 3rd week! I normally don’t ad comments or reviews but i felt for the people out there that are skeptical and unsure, this is the phone for you. I love it because it is fast on the net and I can use or load whatever apps I desire!! I have not one complaint and definitely recommend !!! Enjoy……………………. ¬†

  • Esau Santos

    hi. so i just bought my phone a couple days ago its the ZTE WARP for boost mobile.
    a little dissapointed that my plan went from 50 a month to 55 but happy because its a large screen touch screen and supper fast¬†on the internet. i guess its worth the 5 dollars more. its unlimited everything…. people are whinning about the 5 dollars more and buying their phone more than 200? maybe you should of waited for cyber monday? i got my warp for 145 including next day delivery. what a DEAL!!! man cant get better than that.

    • chino

      So you do recommend this phone?

      • Esau Santos

        YES chino i really do recommend this phone. but i gotta admit it does feel cheap. i use to have the htc evo 3d wich feels way better than the zte warp. but the evo was a little slower on the internet compared to this one. i rather have my zte warp than the evo 3d. by the way im selling my evo 3d its fully flashed to boostmobile. lol. and my battery on the zte warp lasts all day for me 

  • Marii

    Is this phone worth getting? I’m undecided about which one to choose between this one, LG Marquee, or the Samsung Transform Ultra?? Any advice?

  • Roseproulx

    Hey guys,ive been a boost customer for 6 years and recently decided to upgrade to a zte warp.I had a sanyo 6760,good phone but not very capable,although I will say its tough as I an a stonemason it has served me well,ok back to the warp,I love this phone,mainly because of its size and weight,screen size,responsiveness,and boost has been a great carrier.It may not be absolute cutting edge but right price and plan for me couldnt be more satisfied.

  • Aidenconnors

    It seems likes a lot pf people have had problems with the phone likes the camera button fell off….vibrates does not work….it shuts off all the time……you have to reset it all the time….should I get it?????

  • Guest

    do this phone have a webcam 

  • leslie

    whats better the Lg Marquee or the ZTE i need to know whats the difference & which ones better because they completely almost look the same just have a little difference in the front 

  • TylerRoark

    I love the phone, it’s great. i’ve had mine for a month now. i have a battery saver app that keeps it charged i will pay and extra $5 a month to have a much better phone than most of the boost mobile phones. I love the bigger touch screen! I just wish ¬†they had outer boxes for this phone. i don’t wan to break my phone even though i have a¬†warranties¬†on it

  • How could i change the ringtone on my phone.

  • Morenomabel24

    does this phone have flash.?

  • ciera

    i agree i went to buy a zte wrap but it keep frezzing up n stuff n cool

  • Anonymous

    Ive had this phone for awhile now and my monthly service plan is turned off at the moment. I have a pattern lock and after to many failed attempts you have to log in to your account, well that’s were it starts to blow. To log in I must be connected to Wi-fi or my network and since neither are available, my question is how do i unlock the phone without Wi-fi or a network.?