Contracts suck, we can all agree to that. If you are looking for a new Android device on a no-contract carrier on the cheap Cricket Wireless has a new offering for you that might be perfect. The smartphone is called the ZTE Cricket and it is the first ZTE branded smartphone to hit the Cricket network. Cricket is also the first carrier to launch the Score from ZTE as well. It will be in Cricket retail locations starting September 25.

It will be offered in Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations as well. The ZTE Score is an Android phone that runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has a 600MHz processor and a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touch screen. The phone also has an accelerometer and a virtual keyboard. The rear camera is 3.2MP and is supports video recording as well as still photos.

The phone also has WiFi, 3G connectivity and XT9 trace for easy text entry. It will also work with the new unlimited Muve Music service and can access all the apps on the Android Market. The Cricket Samsung Vitality I mentioned a while back also supported the new unlimited music service. The phone will sell for $129.99 making it a low priced Android offering.

  • It sounds tempting, but a 600 MHz CPU?

    • Heartfeltx33

      is 600 MHz bad?

    • i have it   its allright    ditch the stock launcher for a stock gingerbread one and have atalksk amnager handy   and youll be fine   battery life is horrible thou

      • Stage 51

        Hey, I just have this phone for the last 5 days, and in fact, battery only last for about 8 hours, even when I don’t use the phone to make a call, It last for about 22 hours.  I think I’ll return it and choose another one.  any suggestions?? 

      •  LG Optimus V

    • boningo

      i have., its CPU is ok. but the battery life is horrible

  • which brand promote this apps i have kindle device perform well but very expansive what is the prices of this devices many friend suggest me low prices E book.
       Kindle brand from Amazon this is very expansive.

  • Mya_sheppard

    like it>>>>  😉

    • How is the battery life? Looking to buy this phone and I wont be using it much for music right off the bat but want to make sure the battery life isn’t going ot suck majorly.

      • Gigicalix

        battery life SUCKS! only lasts 6 hours…i have it…

  • Mikesklo

    hoping to buy zte score or samsung vitality for my 17 year old sons birthday which one would be best for him

    • alan

      get the samsung messanger touch i love it but if u want the samsung vaitality

  • Mazio Rhodes

    This phone sucks.. its slipperry…if you use the music it last for 3hours at the most…screen doesnt work very well.. the sensor on the front sucks…you never get service… overall -1 out of 100

  • boningo

    this phone is working ok with its spec. but the music sucks when you use a headphone. really bad song. battery life really sucks. you can hardly use it for a all day. its internal storage is low to support a lot applications. however its cheap. the big pbm is the battery life

  • Deshawnhall97

    How Much The Phone Cost If I Buy It From The Actual Cricket Store.

  • person

    Everybody complaining about battery life! I guarentee you it will increase by double if you download an app called juicedefender… especially the ultimate version

  • Patrickconover

    phone is shit just took it back today to get a new one….i havnt had it for 3 months get the booste mobile optimus alot better

  • Amberperez

    this phone sucks… the battery life on it is terrible, and when you try to charge it sometimes it doesn’t work its basically a piece of shit. 

  • bill

    Have had phone for three weeks Batt. life is very bad. streaming video freezes up. 3g service blows. love the Muve Music. I get mad around people with Iphones. But its cheap. I guess you get what u pay for. Apps keep updating that I don’t even want and can’t get rid of them. Started watching a movie on netflix 2 nights ago. Got through 30 minutes of the movie and now everytime I try to watch it it freezes up seconds later. And thats with it connected to WiFi. 3g u can forget it won’t work but for a couple seconds for video. tried to call support but you can forget that also. No one speaks english.