Behold, an Android game of zombies. This is an app very VERY similar to the game we showed you a few days ago by the name of PacMap (a game of PacMan.) This one, like PacMap, is a location-based game that sees where you are on a map (in map view, or satellite view, etc) and shows you where all the zombies are. Depending on the difficulty of the game you choose, you could be outrunning a single zombie moving at 2MPH, or a whole hoard moving at 8MPH! You’ll have your face in your phone, tearing up the streets with your feet as you outrun the living dead in virtual reality. Terror!

This game is free on the Android Marketplace right now, as we speak, and the concept is totally awesome and silly. If you end up playing this game, I and we MUST warn you not to go running around on the street without taking proper care to not be hit by cars. Remember that zombies aren’t real (at least the ones in this game aren’t,) and outrunning zombies isn’t worth getting killed over! Take a peek at official words here:

The Zombie Run! is a game which uses Zombie Finder as a survival tool for people living in a zombie-infected area. It displays the location of nearby zombies, helping you safely navigate your urban or rural area. This is fun game for passing time.

You can find the game in Android Market now by searching for “Zombie, Run!”

[Via XDA Forums]

  • Wow this game is old. I remember downloading it on my G1 like 2 years ago.

  • Insight Spinner

    Thank you! I was trying to understand. I’m sure it’s still fun, but don’t promote it like it was new.

  • Chris Burns

    Did I?

  • Someone should make a multiplayer game with “real” zombies (and possibly vampires) and a few robot monsters to seed the game. Whenever a player gets bitten by a zombie(vampire he becomes one, and he must attack another human to become human again.
    Requires a central server, obviously, but it would be cool to interact with real people this way.

  • Chris Burns

    Klaus actually I think that might be a feature in the works for this game. Multiplayer they say is in beta.

  • Pablo

    Klaus, I have had in mind the idea of an innovative zombie game for a looong time, even before “zombie, run!”.
    At that time, my idea was to create a MMO zombie game just like what you are describing, along with simple quests and lots of other features. It was like doing my own dream.

    Except when playing Zombie, run I realized most people would be too embarrassed to go run out in public, even my geek friends did not do it, just a few of them among the geek ones… which is an instant kill for a game which is only fun when many people play it.

    meanwhile, I have designed another game with a completely different game design, geolocalized, strategy-rpg kinda game which is also played “disattended” (which means you don’t need to be actively playing it, its more like a realtime, ogame-like, game)

    I’ll see if I can pull it through and make it playable, I’d love to play it and see other zombie game lovers play it, too 🙂

  • JimboLodisC

    i had this on my phone for a few months now, then my friend posted your link to the Pacman version and I was like “meh, i like my zombie one better”

  • tom

    fuck i love boobs though