YouView Android app set for May release


Controlling your TV straight from your Android device is just about to get a lot easier, at least for YouView owners. YouView is a product that lets you watch both live TV an on-demand content. The YouView box comes with two digital tuners, so you’re able to watch one show while simultaneously recording another. The device comes with a 500GB hard drive (with a 1TB hard drive coming in the future) that lets your save all of your favorite shows/movies for later viewing.

YouView Android app coming in May

The company had already launched an app for iOS devices, but there was a huge delay in an Android app release. The company optimistically believes that an Android app will be heading to Android devices come May, so that users can take advantage of the “second-screen” feature. This feature lets mobile phone users view YouView’s 7-day TV guide, and remotely record shows/movies via their device. All you have to do is pair your device with your YouView box.

The reason for the 5-month Android app delay is due to the fragmentation of Android devices. YouView had to spend extra time perfecting its app so that a majority (and hopefully all) Android users would be able to use its service. The app shouldn’t be too demanding because all you’re doing is viewing program guides and hitting a “record” button.

YouView is a nice, alternative to a regular digital tuner. There are over 80 free, digital channels available for viewing. Alongside the live selection of shows, and the on-demand selection, there is also a catch-up selection that lets you catch up with TV shows that aired up to 7 days in the past. YouView is also adding premium channels, like Sky’s Now TV, to its line-up that gives consumers a higher-quality viewing experience.

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  • Mark

    Long over due youview needs more apps like a App Store

  • Why can’t they make an app to control the youview box via wifi. This would be good when people have the box in a different room.

  • So they can release it on a locked down OS like the Iphone but wait years to do one for Android

    • Lexxie

      Apps generally take longer to perfect for android than iPhone, as the article states, due to the fragmentation of versions. Iphones all use the same os so much simpler.

      • No not really as the iphone OS is locked down while android isn’t so it should have been sooner. they just put more into the iphone one

      • Tom

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Source: I’m an app developer.

      • The Apple OS is locked down, source I’ve been in IT since the early 80s

      • Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in IT… a fragmented OS vs a ‘locked down’ OS means longer testing times. Source: common sense!

      • Clearly you don’t know much

      • Arifax

        But, it seems, more than you. Yes, companies tend to concentrate on iPhone/pad/pod apps because there seems to be greater demand for them; hence they tend to get deloped first. But

      • It’s June now so like I said you don’t seem to know much

    • Mike

      I agree. They could start with one that runs on Gingerbread onwards. This “fragmentation” of the Android Market is a myth.

      Anyway, May 28th and still no App? Sounds like YouView are in the pocket of Apple.

  • lee

    nearly end of may and still no app

  • lee

    all lies it now june and no app

  • Italobass

    Topical, if an app as to be free like most of the Android apps, the developers will take ages before they will release it and if an app as to be payed for, like most of the apple market, they will be able to release it after a few days. Is that not strange?

  • Italobass

    …….. bollocks yourview such