Google has been working hard to improve YouTube and today they’ve announced an awesome new feature to make viewing videos on the big screen even better. They’ve already pushed features to allow sharing videos to Google TVs, but today they’ve announced the same feature will soon be arriving with support for multiple smart TVs and accessories from a variety of manufacturers. Their remote control feature will soon be available on a mass scale, not just Google TV.

Today on the official YouTube Blog Google has shared a few details and a nice new video showing off this exact feature. Explaining that later this month at CES they’ll be releasing their new mobile/TV pairing feature to popular upcoming smart TVs from multiple manufacturers. Claiming this will make our smartphones the best remote control for YouTube available.

If you’ve ever trying to control and type video titles out on that terrible on-screen keyboard on your smart TV, you know exactly what they mean. Being able to use our favorite Android devices and keyboards to control the entire experience sure will be nice. We’ll run down a few launch partners, but first here’s a quick video from Google:

Today Google and YouTube are happy to announce that this feature will be rolling out to YouTube during CES next week, and we can all expect the update to arrive soon. Out of the gate they have launch partners including Bang & Olufsen, LG, Panasonic and Sony with their smart TV devices. Then later in 2013 we’re expecting more releases from popular manufacturers such as Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio, Western Digital and others. With Western Digital not being a TV maker, we can expect this feature to roll out to many additional smart TV-like accessories and companion devices too.

  • Tommy

    Already available on TIVOs. Not sure if old news but FYI.

  • Tim Borcherding

    Well… that isn’t realy new. The announcement video is from mid november and I have been using that feature with my Samsung tv since the end of november… o0

    • Thanks guys. The news is more-so that they are officially releasing this at CES, and the announcement of multiple new partners. The rollout is in full swing now, not just a few test devices or TVs