YouTube app with picture-in-picture and multitasking in the works

July 2, 2013

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With our smartphone displays getting bigger and bigger as of late, not to mention tons of processing power, being able to truly multitask and offer things such as picture-in-picture with YouTube seems like a given. Samsung's been bringing multitasking and multi-screen modes since the Galaxy Note II, and we're now hearing Google will be doing the same with YouTube, and possibly others.

A popular tipster by the name Ryan Socio has shared as many details as he can about the new YouTube over in The Verge discussion boards, and it sounds pretty interesting. He also brought us news about the new Gmail before it arrived, and also was the original tipster behind Babel, which is now Google Hangouts, so we'll take this with a little more than just a grain of salt.

According to the details YouTube will be getting a major update that will focus on features, more than design. We'll get getting a true multitasking option where you can gesture or swipe the video to the bottom side, and minimize YouTube. At the same time the video will continue playing (audio) and you'll be able to search for another while listening to the current one being played.


Ryan goes on to mention picture-in-picture, or as Samsung calls it, Multi-window mode. Being able to minimize and watch one YouTube video in a small box, while searching for and playing, another in fullscreen. Sounds nice right. Now I can watch the Phillip Defranco Show (sxephil) while searching for some kitten videos at the same time.

He does mention these new features aren't system wide, but they could be by the time the new YouTube app hits the Play Store. It would be nice if Google brought native multi-screen options, but we'll have to wait and see once they deliver the new version.

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  • lion7718

    Doesn’t mean shit if wont connect to YouTube. The YT app has never worked on my Nexus 4, I have to use in the browser if I want to watch anything.

    • Stock Nexus 4??

      Uninstall and reinstall. YouTube works on every device I’ve ever owned.. and I’ve had a lot.

      • lion7718

        Stock Rooted, done that…didn’t work…tried a few things from Google Forums also.
        Google says “they’re looking into it”.

      • google employee

        google sucks 😀

      • lion7718

        I finally looked for a YT replacement app last night…TubeBox seems to work just fine.