Yahoo! Mail updated, brings Flickr inspired themes and improved conversation threading

October 8, 2013

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While we were resting comfortably in our beds, Yahoo! went ahead and updated our mailbox for us. Utilizing their Flickr and Tumblr muscle, the new Yahoo! Mail is much more than a simple aesthetic change. Improvements to conversation threading, and more storage than you may know what to do with, could have you rethinking your mail service.

The refreshed look uses images from Flickr as themes, much like the new Yahoo! weather app. In using those images, Yahoo! Mail will also alter the button color scheme to match the background. There have also been font changes for the Flickr inspired themes, and the look will carry across all your devices. Tablet, desktop, or smartphone, your Yahoo! Mail will look and act the same way.

Yahoo! also notes they’ve improved conversation threading, and email discovery. Users will now be able to open a threaded conversation from the inbox, and the magnifying glass next to their name will give you a preview of all messages sent between you and your contact. The new compose window is now a white card that hovers over the window, rather than the traditional new page scheme.

Offering a full terabyte of storage rounds out the major Yahoo! Mail update, and ends the once unlimited storage. Although technically capped, how many of us can say we’ve even sniffed 1TB of storage in our email, much less needed more room? Yahoo! notes that 1TB is adequate for 6,000 years of email, or nearly one million attachments.

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  • Dude

    Before they start adding more features, Yahoo should make sure e-mail is not getting backlogged. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days for me to get a message. Just look at the full headers of your e-mail or ask someone when they sent it to you!

  • Bma

    I can’t able to see the mail theme clearly. mail contents are hiding the visibility of theme (like blur). Kindly provide the option for that and one more thing wants to be add custom theme option as like gmail.

  • kekko

    this post is very useless and next time , before to say “we were resting comfortably in our beds” you must think better with who are talking about.