Xiaomi Mi3 goes back on sale in just a few hours

October 21, 2013

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The Xiaomi Mi3 sold out in roughly 90 seconds last week, prompting many to clamor for info on when the device would be on sale again. A stellar device at an even more impressive price, the Mi3 promises to be a huge hit for Xiaomi. Now, we have news on when the next round of sales will begin.

Starting tomorrow (tonight here in the U.S.), the Xiaomi Mi3 will be on sale via the Chinese portal of the Xiaomi website. If you’re interested, the sale starts in roughly five hours. If history is any indication, the long wait will precede a quick landrush for the Mi3, which Xiaomi calls the “fastest phone from Xiaomi. Ever.”

If buying a Chinese phone has you concerned, you may not need to be. We’ve shown you how to get the Play Store on your Xiaomi Mi3, so it could be the offbeat device you’ve been looking for. Running the Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 800, the Xiaomi Mi3 is quick, slim, and gorgeous. For $330, you just can’t go wrong.

Of course, this is Nexus season, and the Nexus 5 is right around the corner. With a Snapdragon 800 and 5-inch screen, the newest Nexus may be the low-cost device you’re looking for. We’ve seen it in the Play Store for $350, so for a short wait and an extra $20, you could be enjoying a Nexus device. Of course, that’s usually a landrush, too, so take your pick.

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  • Sohip

    Does Xiaomi push official updates to the latest android version? or once it releases a new model they don’t care about the previous ones???

  • klyze

    Around 15 november, i pre ordered mine.
    But i should only get it around december :

    • Angela Ladlad

      where did you order the xiaomi mi3? thanks

      • Sri Sarma

        Where do I order this phone? Please let us know. The website doesnt have a link to order or buy

  • Sohip

    Thanks for the reply, is it possible to preorder through official website or did u get it from a third party supplier? a link would be appreciated…

  • Lavina

    Does this get 3/4G outside of China?