Yes! Words with Friends can now be enjoyed on Android without those extremely intrusive and irritating ads that popup every single time a user does basically anything in the awesome scrabble game. I can hear just about every member of my family rejoicing right about now with this news. I’ve been waiting for an ad-free version of WWF for far too long so I’m glad to see this finally available.

Today Zynga has updated the highly popular scrabble game in the Android Market bringing tons of new features to their store including the option to purchase an ad-free version for 23 Zynga tokens. After checking it out it appears for a mere $2.99 users can enjoy the game completely ad-free. There has been various hacks and tweaks available for Words with Friends but now we have a solution right from the developers themselves. iOS has enjoyed this for a long time so I’m glad to finally see the option come to Android.

The update is available right now in the market and along with the ad-free option we also have a few other updates and improvements. The all new Word with Friends store allows in game purchases to remove the ads, and even a Word-O-Meter that will tell you how strong your chosen word is compared to what you could use with your rack. They also have a tile pile option that will tell you how many of each letters are remaining. Some might consider these cheats but if you want to spend the cash they can all be yours today.

Words With Friends Market Link

  • Anonymous

    The Words Store offers a way to get the 23 credits in a single purchase, which is good, but there’s no combination of credits you can buy that exactly matches the purchase price of all three offerings.  It’s easy enough to dismiss the credit overage as just an actual amount higher for the cost of the offering, but this kind of tom-foolery with buying credits instead of just selling at a real price with a real payment method needs to stop.

  • Pete

    The add free option doesn’t appear on tablets in the market…and the more link isn’t there like on my Droid phone.

  • Joe

    II agree no combo pricing is lame, but the wordometer and letter option have limited uses…that’s why you need extra credits

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know how long Tile Pile lasts? For example, if I plop down 10 credits now, will I have Tile Pile in just that game? every current game? my next hundred games? etc.

  • Dford45

    think it’s safe to put credit card info in when purchasing from Word Store?

  • Pattijen00

    For ad-free, is it $2.99 per month or just a one time fee?

    • theresa

      one time fee.

  • Kltunks

    How long does it take to update after you buy the ad free version?

  • “WORDS WITH FRIENDS” That game became popular nowadays. And is even now in phones? Wow that’s very fantastic. Is there crack or free version of that game? IF none, how for the full version of it? Is it applicable for SAMSUNG GALAXY Y? Thanks

  • I have tried playing with this game and its really cool and interesting..Me and my co workers love to play this game when our boss is not around..We also use the ANAGRAMMER to give us a clue in times we are having a hard time..

    • T-shirtwetter


  • wordgamer29

    Its very interesting game..I love this game specially its my way of spending time with my family..Sometimes I use the ANAGRAMMER to give me some hints in times I’m in trouble..

    • T-shirtwetter

      anagramming is cheating!! *fyi

  • Scdwyer_1

     I saw someone asked if ad-free costs $2.99 flat, or is it $2.99 a month? Anyone know, please?

  • Monsa

    My experience of TRYING to download the “no more ads” on a galaxy nexus has been pretty challenging. The payment was accepted instantly, 4 days ago, but Google Play maintain it’s not their problem as does Zynga. I’ve followed all the instructions issued by both and in the end Google Play have advised that they will refund me. Is it not possible to pay and download this ad free app on the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Dayres5898

    can this ad free words with friends be used on kindle fire

  • diamond3girl

    So…… How do i buy the add free one?¦??¦¦¦

    • How do it buy the ad free version of words with friends for my nexus 7 tablet. I have been trying for 2 hours and cannot get an answer anywhere

  • mzveep

    How do I buy it? I just switched from an iPhone, and the ads are driving me crazy. I keep seeing that it’s available for $2.00 but I can’t find where to buy! Thanks!

  • Found out how to get paid version……have free one installed. Open word free app click the plus sign on top right and you have 4 different things you can purchase. No ads is $2.99 and well worth it!!

  • Wanda Shattuck

    Just updated to words with no ads for android. I hate it. You cannot play in portrait you have to use landscape and the board and letters are way too small. Difficult to move the letters because they are so small unless you have child size fingers. The right side of the board is wasted space reserved for chatting. I would go back to my old version if i only could ads and all. I’m not enjoying the game nearly as much now. Hope they fix it soon.

  • Vivienne Swann

    I want to buy Words with friends so no more ads. How do I do that on my computer when i play it
    on Facebook?

    • Vivienne Swann

      I will pay the fee of $2.99

  • travel-on

    I purchased the ad free version after having problems with the free version not accepting words like we, wet, go and some other words I knew were spelled correctly. I finally uninstalled the version I purchased and want to know how I can reinstall without having to purshase it again. This is a bummer.

  • rmcintosh

    Can I play this on my sony tablet?

  • Guest

    Got to youtube. A guy has a video on how to do it yourself with adblock. This is a waste of money.

  • Guest

    If I Purchase AD Free words with Friends on my IPhone will it carry over to my Samsumg Tablet 3 ???

  • itsme

    Where can i purchase no ads words with friends for my Android
    samsung galaxy tab 3

  • Guest

    Does this work w kindle fire?