Fans of their friends Scrabble-clone game “Words with Friends” shall soon be jumping for joy, because Zynga is bringing the extremely popular game to Android later this month. Not only will you be able to play the game on essentially the same interface as it exists on iOS, you’ll be able to connect with players on iOS (and whichever other platforms the game will end up being on.) Android already has an official Scrabble app, but IMHO, it’s not as well designed as Words with Friends on iOS, and CERTAINLY not as well designed as Scrabble on iOS.

Incase you do not know, Zynga is essentially the biggest social gaming network in the world at the moment, responsible for such games as Farmville and Mafia Wars – the latter of which just came to Android at the end of 2010. Zynga is so large at this point that they’re able to scoop up other smaller networks of game designers and assimilate them into their own collective. They did this last year with NewToy, the group that in fact designed Words with Friends. For more information on this Borg-like transition Zynga is prone to go through with, see [Zynga Continues Domination by Transforming Area/Code into New York Studio] on our sister-site SlashGear.


  • Awesome. I love words with friends on my iTouch, and will be happy to have it on my Epic 4g as well. By the way, is it really necessary to include things like “IMHO” in your article? Quite unprofessional.

  • Ashex

    Don’t forget about Wordfeud! Currently it’s the best Scrabble game on Android.