Early last week Words With Friends out of the blue disappeared from the Market for Honeycomb tablets, but right before that they had pushed an update. Many users myself included could not get the game to work and it would instantly force close after that. Zynga claimed to have no idea why it was no longer in the market, we aren’t sure if that is true or not but the game is now back today.

Today Words With Friends appeared in my list on my Motorola Xoom and had an update available. After updating it still would instantly close like before but at least it was showing up in the Android Market when I search from my tablet. I uninstalled and re-installed the game and now all is working great. Words With Friends looks great on my Xoom and the panel view sure is nice.

We aren’t sure what the deal was, nor why it was pulled in the first place although it was pretty glitchy and had a few problems. From the looks of things you can now download Words With Friends again for your Honeycomb tablet and enjoy the amazingly addicting game. It is showing compatible with all my devices now, and previously all the Honeycomb tablets were greyed out. Things look to be much more stable but the refresh times still need a little work. Now lets just hope people don’t keep cheating with all those apps in the market.

[via Android Market]

  • Aaron Berlin

    I’d be even more excited if I hadn’t managed to dump of cup of coffee on my GT 10.1 this morning, requiring that it be sent to the Samsung hospital.  🙁

    • @titusthorngate:disqus ohhh sadness. I dropped my Xoom for first time yesterday but was on carpet and seems fine 🙂

      sorry to hear

  • Jill4tnvols

    My zoom stopped letting me play words with friends as of Dec 31 2011 thru today please help

  • Brendasueb54

    I downloaded the game words with friends free last evening(01-06-2012) and although I was thrilled with the game and couldn’t stop trying, it constanly force closed on my acer table. I uninstalled and re-installed several times….no luck. Finally I used a different (invalid) email login and it started working……. THEN….. my adroid browser failed and would not connect to any thing on the internet.
    Any idea?

    • Brendasueb54

      *tablet. I like the game and would really appreciate any ideas.

  • Anonymous

    Its very interesting game..I love this game specially its my way of spending time with my family..Sometimes I use the ANAGRAMMER to give me some hints in times I’m in trouble..

  • Bill

    WWF constantly gives me “Session Expired” messages on my Motorola Xoom. I have deleted and re-loaded the program with no improvement. I finally gave up and just deleted it for good. Once I login, I should never have to login again.