What happens when you hit a smartphone with a hammer? That’s (hopefully) a rhetorical question, but some just haven’t got the message yet (hint: it breaks). When you hit a Galaxy S5 with a hammer, it bites back. In a comical but unforeseen ending, the video below shows why you should follow the lesson you learned in grade school.

The video highlights what we hope is the end to a trend that is long passed its prime. The drop tests and torture tests have just ran their course. At this point, there is no comedy in folly — you’re just wasting hardware. Take a knife to a smartphone? It’ll scratch it.

Take a hammer to a device? It’ll break it. Especially when you bash it enough to break it purposefully. There is no science, here — only disturbing behavior. Take a hammer, bash it into a phone, and marvel that it broke. This is for what purpose, exactly?

The Galaxy S5 got its revenge, though. After smashing the screen to bits, our “hero” turns the phone around to smash the device into oblivion. Rather than take the beating, the GS5 battery swells and spits at the guy like a Velociraptor. What does he ask for when it’s all said and done? Febreeze. Brilliant.

The lesson here? The same one you learned all those years ago: don’t hit.

Thanks, Dean!

  • Phone_Junkie


  • Darwin Escapee

    What an effing moron. Glad he got what was coming to him.

  • satsmine2k4

    he deserved it for ruining such a great piece of hardware… the battery fought like a brave soldier…

  • thajack

    Talk about battery life… literally.

  • Paul_Werner

    Glad I’m not the only one sick of these stupid videos

  • Reymart Maneclang Canuel

    That would be toxic and it’s such a waste – while others don’t have smartphones.

  • That should teach him a lesson…

  • Alan

    too funny. Side Effects of Lithion poisoning…
    diarrhea, vomiting, tremor, mild ataxia, drowsiness, or muscular weakness
    pretty sure a quick spray of Fabreeze from Michael, will sort that out for you though…

  • bolski

    Video has been removed. Hmm. Wonder why. Guy was a fool. I saw it last night and wanted to watch it again but it’s now gone. Hopefully, someone saved it and can repost it. The guy deserves it. I just don’t get why people want to take a perfectly good, new phone and destroy it? Wish I had the money to do that.

    • juujika98

      Its removed because it was stealed video. That russian guy just removed the original video maker name and other stuff to make money by his video.
      Look the original video, its much better.

  • We updated the video to show the original version… it’s even sillier. Guy brought a knife to a battery fight.