White Samsung Galaxy Nexus now shipping from online retailers

February 9, 2012

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We've known a white Galaxy Nexus was coming for some time now, and saw countless leaks of the snow white edition but it can finally be all yours starting today. Earlier this week the white edition was officially announced and set to be available February 13th but a few online retailers have started shipping early.

If the Galaxy Nexus dressed in white appeals to you feel free to head to NegriElectronics and get your own today. They've officially started selling and shipping the phone for those interested -- only at a premium. This is the GSM version and is fully unlocked. Add in the fact that it is rare because the color they're asking $660 for the phone. Pretty steep but I'm sure a few are willing to pay it.

That high price will get you the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device complete with 16GB of internals storage, they don't have the 32GB version available in white. Negri has a broad range of shipping and will send one stateside if you are that excited about the color. Otherwise the Galaxy Nexus in white will hit the UK on the 13th as originally planned available at various locations and Samsung retail stores. I think I'll just get out the spray paint and do it myself.

White Galaxy Nexus Link

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  • PBX

    I am a fan of black phones but this really gets my attention. I like Galaxy Nexus in white, I think it’s because there’s still a touch of black on it and we all know that the combination of black and white are always perfect. 🙂

  • Sarah Thompson

    Extended batteries are now available in the UK for the Galaxy Nexus.

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