Vine glosses over Android with new Embeds for web

March 29, 2013

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Android users were given another reminder about an app that they cannot use. That app is Vine and the reminder came along with news of web embeds and an update to the iOS app. Vine originally launched back in January. That initial launch was clearly intended for iOS, however some hints of an Android app arrived about a month later by way of a Vine job posting.

It seems Vine had been looking for a lead Android engineer, which sort of implies they are at least considering an Android app. The catch though, Vine has yet to say anything specific. And since that point, the talk of a Vine app for Android has remained quite. Well, more specifically, there hasn't been anything said since that point in time.

The Vine news today did bring back the desire to create some 6-second looping videos and while that cannot be done on Android, we did begin the search for alternatives. The problem is, there isn't really any viable alternatives. Sure there are some other apps that bill themselves as social video, but even with that you lose what comes with Vine, the simplicity and the network of Vine users. This is sort of like it was trying to find a replacement for Instagram before it launched on Android.

That is to say, there are some options, but none of them are Vine. Just like none of them were Instagram. There is however, a Vine viewer for Android. You know, just in case you feel like you must have a way to view Vine videos while on the go. Of course, watching on your Android device aside, we suspect Vine uploads will get a little kick today given the news. And as part of that news included web embeds -- we suspect that you will be seeing them in more places than before.

Basically, we are just looking for that official word from Vine. But in the meantime, they seem to have forced this Android user to do the unthinkable -- grab an old iPhone 4S, download the Vine app and begin playing. While the iPhone 4S feels pretty tiny as compared to my Galaxy S III, at least I will be have some Vine videos at the ready for when (or if) the app finally launches for Android.

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  • Edward Daniels

    Fuck the developers for discrimination again android. We don’t need vine.

  • tim

    Yes we do need vibe. I’d pay and wish they would hurry.

  • the wise

    Apple isn’t as large as the android community there are more Samsung’s and HTCs sold than apple so its real shitty business if u ask me.

  • Brad

    Its so stupid, if your going to create an app that is going to go viral then release it on both markets. once again droid is left behind. STEP IT UP!

  • mike

    It’s amazing how short sighted some of these developers are. Android has 70% of the market, IOS only 21%. Granted, the Android market is a bit fractured, but it would seem any developer that’s serious about a product would aim for the larger (and growing) market share rather than the smaller (and ever-shrinking) segment.

  • lakenny

    The new galaxys are becoming more popular than the iPhones so I would definitely say you need to get vine on android as soon as possible if you want a lot more people.