Viliv’s AMOLED Prime P3 Android media player

May 25, 2010

Viliv has manufactured many different types of PMP’s and Mp3 players. This rendition has the ability to run Android as well as Windows CE. This media player has a beautiful screen and can run Android 2.1. The only thing missing so far is a release date and price.

This device features a 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen, Android 2.1 and Windows CE 6.0. There’s also an 800 MHz ARM Cortex CPU, supports 720p video, Wi-Fi, accelerometer and a microSDHC. It will be available in a few different built-in storage capacities up to 32GB. Also, it can handle FLAC and APE audio files.

Let’s assume that this has Bluetooth since there was no mention of that. This is a great competitor to other top MP3’s such as the iPod Touch and Window’s Zune. If it’s priced right it could steal a few customers away from other platforms. There’s a video below of this device in action.


[via engadget]

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