I’m going to keep this short and sweet, as this was recently for sale at the same low price of $279 on woot.com . It is a great tablet for the price but it looks like woot didn’t sell them all, because now Amazon has it as the deal of the day for the same price. (Shipped & Sold by Woot).

Thew Viewsonic G-Tablet is the first dual-core Tegra 2 tablet to launch. It features Android 2.2 with a custom UI over the top of it. It has a huge following on XDA forums because it was the first dual-core tablet to be released. It is a great device for someone looking for a cheaper tablet, or can’t afford the expensive Motorola Xoom . My only issue was the terrible screen on the G-Tablet, it had bad viewing angles and made things hard at times, but it is very fun to use and I enjoyed it until I got my Motorola Xoom.

I do have some good news, Pershoot the extremely popular kernel building for many phones like the Nexus One also has kernels for the G-Tablet and has just released his latest kernel. You could get the G-Tablet for $279, overclock it to 1.6 Ghz and have the fastest Android tablet on the market. What a deal. Check out the entire G-Tablet kernel thread here, or get his latest release from droidbasement.

*Update: Apparently they overclocked to 1.6 Ghz and it was able to run benchmarks, but they’ve not released that kernel yet. For now the latest kernel supports overclocking the dual-core Tegra 2 inside the G-Tablet to 1.4 Ghz. Next update should take things higher.

**Double Update That Kernel is available here: Check it OUT!

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  • Some guy

    Had one for a bit. Great speed, features.. but too bad about the screen. 😛

  • thatoneguy

    The first dual core tegra 2 tablet to launch? What about the XOOM and the Elocity A7? Aren’t those Tegra 2 and both already available?

    • The Viewsonic G-tab was available in retail outlets as early as November of last year. Quite a while before the Xoom and ELocity

      • thatoneguy


  • Anonymous

    people complain about the viewing angle, you could be watching porn and not get fired like the politician in Indonesian who had to resign cause he was watching porn and someone saw him and took photos lol. If he had this would of been safe!! its good if you live in a big city or work :p.

  • Hey, I got news for you, but I just checked out Amazonie (4-21-2011) and those greedy bast**ds are jacking the price up to $302! NOT $279!!!

  • Angelo

      Hi, im from brazil and i found your site at internet. This yeah my uncle went in usa and brought a viewsonic g tablet for me.
    I have been useing my tablet normaly. Yesterday he started ‘search’ and ‘back’ automatically, all the time, as if the buttons laterals Were touched. I’m mad about it, the tablet already formatted but nothing. I hope you can help me