So, as you all probably know, users of the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant were treated to a bit of a weekend surprise. The Vibrant finally received Android 2.2 Froyo. Now whether or not you believe the community revolt had anything to do with this, the update is here for users to enjoy.

Now we all know Samsung has a tarnished reputation in the US for slowly pushing updates to its Galaxy S series, but now that they have started to publish them, is this another case of too little, too late?

What do you think? Are you excited that you finally can enjoy some 2.2 features, or is the update bittersweet when you realize how long you have been waiting for it? Will Samsung’s update mess prevent you from buying another Samsung device in the future such as the ultra-powerful Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone?


We’re looking for your feedback! So let us know in the comment section below!

  • lOu

    I would never buy another Samsung device again that does not let me make updates on demand.

  • skai682

    of course it’s too little to late given that the amazing devs over at XDA have been releasing stable froyo roms for months now..

  • Steve

    I can’t enjoy it at all… i run Ubuntu Linux and Mac and can’t get a vm or emulator to run lies mini. On my parents’ computer lies wont recognize my phone at all, i am SOL according to Samsung… although they are “working on” lies mini for Mac, that will be here next year.

  • cvhovey

    I’ll never again consider a Samsung. Almost got one a couple times, but each time, their foot-dragging led me elsewhere.

  • chris

    is there anything useful on the update i have rooted 2.1 so i can already tether.. and if i should do the update should i unroot it first?

  • Victor

    I wanted Samsung really bad until this whole mess. I’ll probably only get Google Branded phones from now on.

  • Ben

    I was about to sell mine and buy an iPhone. I’ll never buy from Samsung again unless they can prove to me that they care about consumer interest.

  • Garrett

    I have an incredible and was considering a galaxy s for my wife but after this I would never get a samsung phone. No consideration for the consumer, only for their bottom line.

  • chris

    should i unroot for the update?

  • TG

    I was disappointed enough to switch to an HTC phone; G2. Will that make a statement? Samsung? It’s collecting dust right now. Anyone want this dinosaur? Android version has already reached 2.3. I wonder how long it will take to upgrade to 2.3? What say you Samsung?

  • Jesse

    My 5th phone from sammy and the last(1st smart phone though). The update was def. Too little to late. IT did update easily via kies mini. But this first time smartphone buyer will be goin with another brand next time around.

  • Marc

    Why is everyone blaming samsung, these updates have arrived earlier in other countries. I think we should blame the carriers for taking so long, maybe the crapware they add is causing the problems

  • Andrew

    Who cares about the update itself I am running a better version of Froyo anyway. Thanks Team Whiskey! Just can’t wait for them to release the sorce code so we can get some kernals that wont kill my battery in just a few hours.

  • DC

    I’m done with Samsung sold my phone yesterday. Went back to HTC. It’s a mess, I expected Samsung to be a little more on top of things. Yes TMO is part if the issue also but… in any case I’m moving on.

  • Riz

    Way too late. The only thing that could make it up would be an early release of the source code for the devs, or better yet, 2.3 within a couple months. This is not only Samsung’s fault, T-Mobile is to blame as well. Theres a lot of making up to be done on both of their parts.

  • splar

    @chris you can unroot if you really want to official update to 2.2…there are benefits in froyo such as flash which can be VERY useful. check this out if you want 2.2 that is stock gingerbread themed (looks like a nexus s)

  • chris

    so i just tried to update and now it stays on the galaxy s screen for a long time then just a black screen sometimes it will vibrate and the keys on the bottom are lit up but i cant do anything… im freaking out what do i do now??????

  • mykie

    I’m glad to finally have the Wifi Calling feature that T-Mobile said they’d have “in a month or two” when they sold us these phones back in August.

    The reception on the Vibrant is so horribly horrible that it’s practically useless without Wifi Calling.

  • Eric

    Yep….too little, too late. I have been rooted and running 2.2 for a few months only because my son enjoys doing this type of thing. The percentage of people willing to root is so small and the others should never have had to wait this long. I place the blame on Samsung and if people think otherwise, why is it that 2.2 is only available from Samsung now? The GPS on the GS phones is still $hit with no fix in site and I have had very few issues with my HTC phones. The bloatware on their US versions is the biggest problem with “Touch Crap” at the head of the line. They have a great screen, great processor and GPU, but it stops there. Even their radio’s don’t compare to HTC and Moto with Moto’s being the best in my opinion. Had everyone not displayed their outrage over the past two weeks we still wouldn’t have 2.2. If the IPhone had a bigger screen I would probably go to Big Red and buy one today. If Samsung had any clue at all they would roll out an OTA (no Kies bs) with 2.3 in the next couple of weeks and that might help save a few customers.

  • Marc

    Verizon is trying to make there customer pissed off at samsung for there lack of froyo for the fascinate, or just holding back froyo for there new line up of LTE 4G phones so people would get off the fascinate & buy one of there “top” LTE 4G phones, but I say screw verizon I’m going to drop them completly & go to T-Mobile or Sprint.. They can take there phones & shove it up there ass

  • Lenny

    Never again!

  • Steve

    This will be my last Samsung phone. All the previous posters have already made my points so I will leave it at that. The Kies upgrade is a “save face” move at best. What about all the Mac users and people who aren’t computer savy? What are they supposed to do about an update?

  • chris

    nm i called t mobile and got that shit str8 luckily, dont know what they would have done with a rooted phone. yeah it took a while and so far doesnt even seem worth it, still have not checked out the flash yet though, there just better be a good update in these next couple weeks

  • bob

    i dont know what the big deal about froyo is. i have been running froyo roms for four months that are way better than anything tmo could release. if you wanted flash and wifi calling you could have installed it two months ago. maybe spend less time complaining and more time reading and you could do what ever you want to your vibrant. just my two cents.

  • Rob

    This update was supposed to be available months ago. Product support for Galaxy S would be a joke if I wasn’t stuck with this POS until next August. Samsung phones will NOT be considered next time because of their poor product support and inability to test and provide updates.

  • splar

    @bob THANK YOU…all these ppl complaining! so annoying just flash a rom!

  • Richard

    What with all the bitching? At least you can flash your own roms here in the UK we’ve had the update for a while and what do Motorola offer us??still no froyo for the Droid (called milestone) nearly 18months after launch (think you have it bad?) and a locked bootloader so no custom rom flashing. This is the future moto want for all of us, complete upgrade control. Quit with the whining you have the upgrade, and you all sound like spoiled children!

  • bbman911

    No more Sammy for me but not because of the slow updates….it’s because other than the screen, the phone is garbage! Non-working GPS, slow file system implementation, etc. Spent more time installing roms and lag fixes trying to get the dang thing to work right than I spent actually using the phone! Gave up on the Vibrant after four months, got an HTC that just works. Don’t need to install a third-party rom cuz it already does everything right.

  • chris

    @splar so now that i have the 2.2 update should i go with that gingerbread link u gave or stick with 2.2 for now?? what does gingerbread have that i could poss want?

  • I won’t consider another Samsung phone. They said Froyo would be out shortly when I bought the phone. I shouldn’t have to root my phone to update it. Froyo should have been out on it months ago from Samsung. Samsung doesn’t care about their customers.

  • kc

    Nope I will never consider Samsung. When I was upgrading from my g1 I knew the nexus one was the better choice even tho it was released months before.

  • My Samsung feature phones have always been good so I was considering the Galaxy S or Nexus S (made by Samsung) as my upgrade in a few months, but this has turned me off the brand. Unless Samsung steps with with a very, very quick upgrade to 2.3 when released I’ll skip them entirely when looking for my upgrade.

  • Jak Crow

    I personally don’t care. I’ve been running modded ROMs the 2nd month I had the phone.

  • Mark

    Given the slow updates, horrid customer service, and hardware defects that are never addressed, it will be a LONG LONG time before I even consider purchasing another Samsung device. I am on my 5th Captivate in the last month.

  • Carlos

    You guys didn’t mind rooting your phones….whats the deal wit finding someones windows laptop and doing the same shit wit kies… No more complaining… We got it Vibrant owners…and its good. Epic dont got it yet. 1 up on a lot of phones.

  • splar

    @chris…i dont know all the details of the offish 2.2 update but the link i gave you deletes all bloatware (like avatar and all that crap) and i think overall has a sexier look to it. Technically both are the same from a software standpoint but you’ll notice some nice things from gingerbread like the green icons, black notification bar and black menu bar. also the nexus s live backgrounds are there. really your call i like the look of it…

  • Felipe

    HECK NO!!!!! Vibrant is my third android phone with Tmobile.

    I am moving to Verizon and HECK Why should I keep trusting in Android. Iphone is the way to go now.

  • Cash

    …never again…HTC for me



  • splar

    @felipe you do realize iphone doesn’t have flash right

  • DemonK

    the point here is that with 2.1 the vibrant was still a great phone and for some reason everyone or most of you guys just complain about the update you wanted but why couldnt you enjoy what ya had in hand ? i was super happy with my phone before and now im happier… snap out of it and realize u own a great unit be 2.1 or 2.2!

  • fauxhawk70

    If your phone goes black and just vibrates after the update you need to do a master reset so the phone gets the complete default 2.2 froyo.

    Mine initially took the update and everything was great until later in the day when it went black and wouldn’t boot properly.

    Once I did the master reset by holding down the upper volume button, home key, and the power button it took me to the reset menu where I could erase the user info.

    Everything works great and the phone is faster also now. This step probably got rid of the residual garbage left over by 2.1. Performing this step will completely erase your apps and phone data so you may want to back up anything you need and be prepared to reinstall your non stock applications.

  • fauxhawk70

    Oh and one more thing…. Samsung never again!!!! Only stamped Google branded devices from now on.

    I want my updates right away when the new OS arrives and none of this playing game, poor dev team, whatever the @#$% happened, whatever you want to call it crap they seem to always play plus the damn excuses!

    If the company I work for pissed loyal customers off like this there would be heads rolling in the halls and a widespread cleaning of the building. Someone is responsible for this crap for the last 6 months and in my opinion that manager should pay with their job.

    There are plenty of unemployed development and testers that would like the opportunity to create great products and do a better job so there is no excuse there!

  • George

    I think the problem is not with Samsung, as here in Europe the updates are out quite quickly, but the market structure in the US, where the operators are the ones pushing out the updates.. 🙂

  • Tamara

    I am really dissappointed with Samsung….they have great products but the process and wait just to upgrade is HORRIBLE! First it was Dec now Jan…it’s almost February and they just updated when 2.3 is here. They should of just went straight to 2.3, smh. Besides the upgrades Samsung has the best quality phones and products hands down in terms of longevity and durability! :0) (Just upgrade quicker next time, you’re losing us!)

  • Rich

    Definitely too late, I have been waiting months for that update until 2 days ago I went out and bought a mytouch 4G. Now that the 4G version is scheduled for February what does this really do?

  • Joedb

    too late is 4 months i don’t know what to call that one, to make matters worse its not even an OTA you have to use your PC here’s the catch you better have a 32bit in order to get the update. If you are like running a 64bit guess what, you are SOL my friend and Samsung says Sucks being you.

  • Michael2255

    I’m running 2.1 on a Captivate on AT&T with no problems. I make calls, get voicemails, navigate, email, take credit cards on Square, etc. Just what are you people saying is so broken with 2.1 that an earlier 2.2 update would have rocked your world? Are you designing bridges and running retail websites off your phone? Get a computer.

    I’ve been fighting computers since 1980 and I think Samsung is a refreshing addition to my hardware options.

  • domi1k

    I don’t understand what you are all whining about?
    If you are really so desperate to run the latests android builds you simply have to flash it yourself.
    Samsung gave you 2.2 and will provide 2.3 as well.
    I couldn’t be happier with my Galaxy S (ex Iphone 3 & 3GS user)

  • Jeffe

    Samsung’s suppoer sucks yes… but they make really good hardware, and as long as you are willing to do the research you can easily install custom 2.2 ROMS and they do not have all of the crapware and stupid carrier start up jingles.

    My Vibrant is running the latest Axura and is lightning fast, running Adobe flash and the battery life is much better….

    Just sayin…

  • The phone has been out for 6 months. That’s not terribly “long” to wait for an update.

    The HTC/T-mobile myTouch 3g was updated to Froyo about 2 weeks ago.. that phone came out in 2009.

    The Sony Xperia X10 was updated to 2.1 and they’re stopping there.

    Grow up guys, there’s way more important things in life than cell phone updates. Just buy a phone that you like as is next time.

  • @Joedb: Windows 7 64-bit.. no problems at all. Stop spreading false information.

  • Frigadroid

    HTC owners get the froyo update we got slomo update from buggy 2.1 – buggy 2.2 via mini please, seems that root is your only option for Samsdung. Even though they have some big plans and some of it might be tempting, I couldn’t support scamscum after learning about their other past episodes of illegal activity including fraud tax evasion and corruption at the highest levels. I would rather the FBI look into how these manufactures and carriers do business instead of wasting resources on NCAA & SEC football corruption.

  • RockHead

    Pretty sure I’ll never buy another non-Nexus (or whatever they might call it in the future), Google AOSP phone. That’s the answer if you want official updates RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise I’ll wait for Cyanogen support for any other phone. I’m disappointed that hasn’t come yet for the Vibrant, but it’s because of Samsuck’s not releasing proprietary drivers.

    My Vibrant is okay running Eugene’s 2.2 Gingerclone, though still a bit sluggish at times. GPS finally works after doing the hardware fix (antenna contact). Sammy’s important bits (processor, screen, GPU) are top notch. It’s the software and cheap little bits that suck @ss. I’m tempted to try the official froyo for comparison.

    God help me, I just picked up a TMO Samsung Galaxy Tab on eBay. Just couldn’t wait any longer for a 4G tablet. THAT’S a well done bit of kit by Samsung. Running 2.2, WAY faster than my Vibrant, GPS works. Only rooted to run Titanium backup.

    Both are getting 5 MBPS download speeds on 3G, which is nice, but the Tab is just all around quicker.

  • t0rt4r3d

    Too little to late. And the update doesn’t work for all owners. If you have win7 64 bit, sorry, Samsung Kies isn’t compatible.

    This half assed update is proof they pushed this out to try to shut us all up. Guess that didn’t work, just like their update didn’t.

  • Justinm76

    I actually rooted my phone just prior to this release.. I ended up going back to stock solely for wifi calling. I don’t have great reception at my house and the costs of Verizon is enough to ‘deal with it’. Once Team Whiskey has a way of doing WiFi calling in their ROMs, I’ll keep the Stock w/root. Sammy makes good hw, just their sw support sucks.

  • Justinm76

    I actually rooted my phone just prior to this release.. I ended up going back to stock solely for wifi calling. I don’t have great reception at my house and the costs of Verizon is enough to ‘deal with it’. Once Team Whiskey has a way of doing WiFi calling in their ROMs, I’ll keep the Stock w/root. Sammy makes good hw, just their sw support sucks.

    • Jeffe

      Dude, you can side load Wifi calling, if you have an account with Team Whiskey’s site go here…

      At the bottom of the instructions are downloads for wifi calling and a better version of Swype… I installed and is working beautifully!

  • ogman

    No way I ever buy another Samsung phone. It’s not just the lack of updates, but the attitude. It’s pretty obvious that Samsung doesn’t give a damn about their customers.

  • Paulo

    Uhhhhh…..did FROYO just make my phon 10* slower

  • Dave

    When I saw that features on about three different services I use on my Vibrant work better on the 2.2 update I got very upset. Then I notice new apps were coming out that I could use to make my life easier to manage but they were only supported on 2.2. What a joke.
    We were also enticed with the Nexus S to jump on the Google train so we could bypass the waiting games for OS updates. That phone is simply not worthy of a jump, not much better than the Vibrant. The Vibrant was touted to work with email accounts on Exchange servers, but it is simply insufficient and unacceptable on 2.1. Through all of this I’ve learned we’re all just a bunch of test rats scrambling to hit the award bar for the next piece of cheese or drip of water. Too bad most of us are starving and willing to chew our way out of Samsung’s cage. All I read was It’s coming just be patient and wait, what a load of crap when I wasted time and money because of my phone. Never again.

  • Dave

    And another thing: The improvements of software updates make hardware more enjoyable to use. I own the number 2 gadget of 2010 behind only the iPad. Yet I can’t experience the latest OS because it’s not made readily available. My device is more than capable of running Froyo let alone Gingerbread. I’m not interested in rooting my phone or otherwise screwing with my phone’s OS. So I was stuck with Eclair. Stuck because I was aware that there was better software out there that might save me a little time or give me a little more enjoyment. To deny me those qualities is one of the worst moves any company can make. They have cookies in the cookie jar, but won’t let us get our hands on them. Now my loyalty is at stake, they should try harder to keep my attention. Anything short of that is a nail in their coffin. As a result, I’m looking for other options with other companies. If partnering companies wanted to gain more respect, loyalty and new users, they would make updates available for their devices. Especially while they roll out newer OS on other devices simultaneously. Everything surrounding the waiting game issue is completely unacceptable and wrong.

  • Njnj2

    wont buy samsung products ever again

  • Njnj2

    wont buy samsung products ever again

  • Njnj2

    wont buy samsung products ever again

    • I don’t blame you.

      • Troll hunter

        you guys are trolls, you will buy the next coolest thing you see thats is wrapped in packaging and is shiney

  • Pmosri

    To everybody,
    First let me say my vibrant is great, we all know what our phone can or can’t do. I can tell you another thing, when did Samsung or Tmobile promised an upgrade for the vibrant?, all that i heard was rumors, he said this or she said that or i heard what ever… i’ve had my phone “vibrant” for less than five months and the upgrade is out already … whats the big fuzzzz?, the phone was already great,not is even better.. i would bye another Samsung phone.

  • Raginglizzard

    listen not once did samsung or tmobile EVER promise an update or even set a date. it was all here say and people with nothing better to do with their lives but make up false dates for a release are the real problem . any time i called samsung or even spoke to a samsung rep in person they never gave me a date or even said that there was going to be an update EXCEPT for one time a met a samsung rep in a popular electronics store that told me quietly that there was going to be an update for the vibrant to 2.2 in january and look BANG here it is. so yes i will buy another samsung galaxy product, in fact i am purchasing the galaxy tablet today. these phones are great the update went flawlessly and i couldnt be happier. so all you haters out there go find a product that actually DOES suck and hate on that.

  • Jim_J

    I’m a realist when it comes to phones. Last April, I decided that there was more to the smart phone experience than Blackberry was able to offer. I set some parameters such as processor speed, storage capacity, network speed etc. I wanted to stay with T-Mobile because my contract had not yet expired and their coverage here in Tampa FL is excellent.

    About a month later, the Samsung Vibrant was announced. It met all of my parameters. I remember reading at the time that the phone would be released with Android 2.1 and that a 2.2 upgrade would take place some time in the future. No date was given and I expected that it would be several months before the upgrade. I purchased the phone in June, right after it became available. There were problems with some features and I immediately called T-Mobile tech support and made my displeasure known. A few weeks later, there was an over-the-air upgrade to 2.1 that took care of all the problems that I reported. Since then, I have enjoyed the Vibrant and the future upgrade to 2.2 was in the back of my mind, but wasn’t an important issue.

    I upgraded to 2.2 a few days ago and now will find even more reasons to enjoy the Vibrant. Yes, I know that 4G phones are about to come out and that in a year or so, my slow 3G phone will be obsolete. That’s part of the tech game. There is always something around the corner that will be better than what you just bought.

    The bottom line is that I don’t regret purchasing the Samsung Vibrant and I would definitely purchase another phone from Samsung.

  • Dbui72

    Yes Samsung and Tmobile never officially promised an update, but the expectation when I bought it was that they would be like their competitors and push an update. Had I known about their lack of commitment to their customers and not be like the other service providers and manufacturers, I would never had resigned and got a Vibrant. I would have waited for the Droid 2 on on Verizon.

  • Hgi110

    are we going to see the update to 2.3 in the near future

  • Sam

    With Froyo, my battery life sucks. The only good thing about it is Skype and better tethering. I guess that’s good, but had to do the update for the GPS and missing the Android keyboard, WTF?!? Also the battery life really, really sucks. Did I say that already? I guess we are foolish to believe that a smart phone can live up to the hype anyway. We should have been happy with a phone being a messaging device instead of a fake me out mini computer. Oh well.