Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus gets ICS 4.0.2 update a day before release

December 14, 2011

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When you tear apart the Verizon Galaxy Nexus packaging with your teeth tomorrow and boot up you phone for the very first time, odds are pretty good that you'll be prompted to install an update right away. One of the central tenants of the Nexus line is that it gets frequent, timely updates straight from Google, and the Galaxy Nexus is no exception. Droid Life spotted one in the wild running an updated Ice Cream Sandwich firmware: Android 4.0.2.

We've already seen one minor update to the Galaxy Nexus' software, 4.0.1. Both updates don't appear to do that much - just your basic stability enhancers, most likely, though Google will probably articulate the changes after the official release. These updates are for Verizon's LTE version of the phone, not the international HSPA+ version. You know, the one that's been available for a month now.

As far as software goes, there's no indication that this update includes Google Wallet functionality. Google's NFC payment app has been a point of contention for Verizon, as they're preparing their own NFC system as part of the ISIS consortium. Officially Google Wallet won't be available on the Galaxy Nexus because of "security issues". Take that for what it's worth. We'll be getting our own Verizon Galaxy Nexus review units tomorrow, and we'll be digging through the software from stem to stern for your reading pleasure.

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  • Dang dude. They are serious about this. Way to go elGoog.

  • Oh-No

    I think this says it all.  Sprint doesn’t even have an ICS phone available.  Verizon is getting OTA upgrades to ICS already.  After 10+ years with Sprint… I think I have to have a serious talk with my wife about how expensive our phone bill is going to be.