Play it again, Sam: Verizon customers in locations across the United States are unable to connect to the LTE data network this morning. The outage may or may not be nationwide, but customers in Houston, Dallas, Memphis, various California locations and New York City are all reporting issues. Verizon customer service has confirmed connection problems, and assures applicants that it’s working on them. 3G data and voice seem to be unaffected so far.

This has become a recurring problem for Verizon, which had no less than three major outages in December of 2011 – just a few weeks after the releases of major 4G phones like the HTC Rezound and Motorola DROID RAZR. It didn’t help that Verizon’s marketing has featured the “largest 4G LTE network in the country” and “the most reliable major network” (paraphrasing) for months. The outages varied in breadth and duration, but the longest was a complete shutdown of every LTE network that lasted more than a day.

Verizon previously indicated various technical issues behind the interruptions of service. They basically blamed new challenges in the LTE standard, but that’s little comfort to customers who were sold on greater speeds on a big, reliable network – not to mention the fact that data caps now limit how much they can do and when. Verizon’s reputation as the best large-scale cellular provider is taking some big hits, no doubt about it. We’ll see if they can make amends, or if their competitors can capitalize on the misfortune.

Feel free to report any Verizon issues you’re having in the comments section, and be sure to include your city and the time that the problems started or ended.

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  • Clintchild2

    Why do 4gLTE phones not switch to 3g when LTE is out? I get zero data when LTE is out.

  • Michael Toolin

    As of 11:17 in Austin TX, 4G LTE seems to up.  My BIONIC gives a Speedtest of 18.86 mps down and 2.5 up (not my best speeds, but not bad either).

  • JudyBRealtor

    I am just outside of Boston and have not had internet all morning. When I turn off my RAZR MAXX and turn it on again, I briefly get 3G and maybe 4G but it doesn’t stay on.

  • In Las Vegas both 3G and 4G seem to be struggling. 4G is completely gone and 3G has been off and on all morning. I woke up to service being restored and tons of emails all flooding in at once.


  • Villa2422

    No or reliable 3g since 5:00am
    had a tuff time trying to post this on 3g. On and off
    Razr Maxx

  • If you are a customer and and if you are a victim of an outage then Verizon should eat the bill for the month.. if you rely on connectivity for work or any other reason you should not have to pay for their outage….

  • Pcryan23

    Meh, it is inconvenient, but that just means that I can get 20 to 10 bucks knocked off my monthly bill which I just did 😛 so I see outages as opportunities haha  

  • Rtice56

    It is now 254 pm and I still dont have 4g lte, they said its fixed and they have trouble shot my phone, what gives?

  • No problems with 4G or 3G here in Rochester, NY.

  • Logan Black

    I had issues on the way in to work this morning near Scranton, PA. Had to toggle off LTE to get connectivity and even then 3G was spotty. Went out to get lunch a couple hours ago and 4g was back in full swing and has been ever since.

  • cgrpime

    3G spotty all day and no 4G LTE at all since this morning, Denver, CO

    Droid Razr Maxx

  • Evan

    No 3g or 4g this morning for a few hours. Its back now.

    Savannah GA

  • Hjbvh1

    No 4G from since I woke up at 8 to 12, then my phone says it’s connected but the speed is 1X-like.
    Mobile, Alabama.
    It had been working fine previously.

    • Hjbvh1

      I am getting 3g, however.
      4G is still extremely slow, like 4% of a 2 MB app downloading in about 5 minutes.

      • Hjbvh1

        3G is just as slow as 4G

  • Alan F Lowery

    Why do they go out of their way to say 3g is working? I was without 3g part of today. Yiu can not believe anything Verizon says.

  • Test4echo2112

    I’m in Burbank, California and I’ve had no 4g since 7am today , although 3g is working.

  • Gbrandt

    Ive been on 1x for 9 hours. Moto Razr Maxx and Galaxy Nexus.

  • Pamala Watts

    spent all day on 4g just fine in northern Indiana… so guess not a nationwide outtage.. *shrugs*

  • guest

    no 4G LTE for me throughout the day, 3G works. im in west hollywood/los angeles

  • OC

    3g is working sort of its off and on every 10 seconds 4g is non existent right now and its 10 pm in OC

  • Sonny

    Still no 4G in Mobile,AL ..Talked to Verizon 3 times today. they kept saying it will be fixed in one hour. This is going on day 3 with no 4g!! Them stating they resolved the issue is BS! they are trying to keep this one under the radar.

    • Sonny

      3G comes and goes. VERY spotty

  • guest

    still no 4g in houston

  • Pipster722

    Still no 4G in Charleston, SC … mine went out sometime yesterday and has been out since. 3G has been working, but spotty in places it normally isnt.

  • Mister_mr

    No data here near Detroit

  • Mezrot

    Still out in Phoenix since yesterday morning.  No 4g, only sporadic 3g.

    • Erinsaurus


  • Jeff Campbell73

    Still out in los Angeles today.

  • AnnDNH

    Out in Southern NH

  • Emily Oman

    Out in Boston since yesterday morning

  • Lancerd08

    No 4g… Las Vegas NV. Strong 3g, but zero 4g.

  • Tr37075

    In Nashville Verizon’s 4g is down again for the 3rd time this week. At least this tme my Razr has switched to 3g. These outages are getting old.

  • Tr37075

    Another outage tonight in Nashville. At least I’m getting 3g on my Razr. I thought Verizon had the most reliable network!

  • tomzig

    I just bought a Droid Razr Maxx yesterday (2/28), still no 4G coverage as of today

  • Tisakson

    No coverage for days now, Spokane, WA. Bit upset. 3g works, but not 4.

  • SG

    no 4G coverage in Boston.  Starting to really hate Verizon

  • Trpklivin

    I have no talk or text abilities. This started around 1pm central time. I am from Birmingham AL. No 3g or 4g for me!

  • Life_under_vega

    I have not had any service on my mifi hot spot for about 4 weeks. Im in the bluffton/hardeeville sc area. I cannot get any answers from verizon just lies. 3 hot spots and countless calls for help seem to do nothing. Verizons 4g network is crap!!!

  • Kalipolina Black

    No 4G since Thursday past midnight. It comes and goes, but is able to text & call. Just realized today that I still have 3G and is working fine. Any word about an outage in Southern California?! Im only able to about Februarys outage. Im in San diego.
    -Motorol Bionic