If you happen to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber, moving forward you will be waiting a bit longer for an upgrade. Coming by way of a recent announcement, Verizon Wireless has said they are extending the upgrade eligibility to the end of the 24th month. For those not familiar with the current set-up, Verizon customers had been eligible to upgrade after the 20th month.

Basically, moving forward you will have to wait an additional four months to upgrade. Or more to the point, to the time when your two-year agreement is actually completed. The reasoning for the change is not all that clear. The carrier has said that “it is not uncommon for customers to have multiple devices” these days and went on to note that “in that context, Verizon Wireless is making the following changes to its upgrade practices.”

Anyway, the changes include the following; Upgrade eligibility begins at the end of 24-month contract. Verizon has also said this is in “keeping with how the majority of customers purchase new phones.” Not sure about you, but I was always anxious and ready after the 20th month. Key here though, the first customers that will be affected by this change will be the ones with contracts expiring in January 2014.

Other details here note that customers who still have “New Every Two” credits available will need to use them before April 15, 2013. In this case, they are now use or lose. One silver lining here will be for those with multiple lines. In this case you will still be able to share an upgrade with another line on your account. The specifics here aside, it seems that instead of ditching the contracts, Verizon is now going to make you wait longer to upgrade.

[via Verizon Wireless]

  • Sumth

    Hi. I was just wondering how delaying the upgrade until the 24th month saves or makes money for Verizon (out alternatively letting customers upgrade their devices early cost money for Verizon?)

    Isn’t it all about retention? Or do they want their customers to shop around when their contracts are up?

    • Alan

      its about recouping the discounts they give for handsets if you sign up for a 2 year contract….

      eg if a Samsung S4 costs $600 without a contract but $200 on contract, they’re eating some of the $400 by locking you into a contract for 2 years.

      That extra 4 months before upgrading, allows them to recover more before you get a “discounted” phone again.

  • gr227

    I am just waiting for the day that Verizon says that my Unlimited account is no longer grandfathered in. That day is coming .. I am not kidding myself into believing it won’t happen.

    • SALLY


      • gr227

        Yeah it will happen if you upgrade but I meant buying phones outright. It will only be so long until Verizon won’t grandfather Unlimited any longer.

      • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

        Its time to leave. I just wish the smaller 2(T-Mo and Sprint)would expand their coverage.

      • gr227

        I agree … Would love to switch to T-Mo but there is no coverage where I live. But they love to show the commercials around here.

      • slogoodland

        No 4LTE in most areas

  • Alan

    Genius, only last week their CEO said he was open to changing the Upgrade Eligibility period, we all cheered, little did we know that he intended to extend it, not reduce it.

    Talk about going contrary to the market, and developing innovative products for your consumers… not.

  • Melissa

    I’ve been with Verizon for 10 years now, but I’m not sure there will be much of a point in remaining loyal in the future. I lost my unlimited data with my last upgrade. If they are going to make me wait until I’m a complete free agent to get a new device, then I’ll see what other carriers have to offer. Upgrading early used to be what kept me around. That being said, I’m “stuck” for a bit longer. I also wonder if this will open up the way for competition to take customers away from the mega-carriers.

    • slogoodland

      Unlocked phone is the way to go and u get upgrades first not when they decide

  • Jacobowitz

    Believe it or not, I wish this had already been in effect – I switched carriers once I was eligible for upgrade, not realizing there was a 4 month difference between contract and upgrade length. So of course they’re pulling an extra $140 out of me with just 2 months left.

  • Scott Entwistle

    Wow. I’m about to move back to the states, and of course I figured I’d get Verizon again because their coverage is great. After an announcement like this however…. Clearly Verizon just wants to make more money and does not care about its users (especially the power user). Will now be shopping around for cell phone service providers. It’s a shame!

  • slogoodland

    Wtf, welchers when my contract is up it’s bye I’ll buy an unlocked phone at Wally world ,big red can kiss my red ass,And I have 4 people on our handcuffed contract,and I will bad mouth them every chance I get! Scum bags