I’ve tried not to use this word too many times but for this one we can say #winning. This is a score for all of us — the good guys. After Verizon announced they’d start charging a ridiculous $2.00 fee as a “convenience fee” for customers paying their bill online and a few various other methods there was a huge backlash and plenty of bad PR that surrounded it. It appears that Verizon has listened because today they’ve already axed that plan.

Verizon announced this new and super lame fee earlier this week and even this morning we reported the FCC was taking a look at said fee’s. Between the backlash from customers and blogs, to the FCC comments its safe to say they got a little scared because today have released this statement:

“At Verizon, we take great care to listen to our customers. Based on their input, we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time,” said Dan Mead, president and chief executive officer of Verizon Wireless.

While I’ve seen countless tweets and G+ comments of users saying they’ll leave Verizon over the fee — I felt that was a bit extreme. Now we don’t need to worry about it because just a few short days after the idea it is now officially dead in the water. As of now we’ll all be $2 dollars richer each month for all of 2012 — spend it wisely guys.

[via Verizon]

  • Mikeinrichmond

    And thank the FCC for putting Verizon on notice… Great job!

  • Anonymous

    Why do you feel its extremely to jump to another carrier? I have 2 phones thru Verizon and they both have different accounts. That’s $48 extra a year I would have to pay just for the convenience of paying online. Or I could go to Sprint and save that money.

    • Very true… For multiple accounts and such yea that makes a bit more sense. Obviously I’d love to save $2 dollars a month but myself I wouldn’t leave for that reason alone.

      Thanks for the comment.


    Thought so.

  • Jwoolf95

    Actually, $24, richer but who’s counting.

  • Kgpearce

    How about the fact that Verizon offers many company discounts as high as 25% depending on who you work for, but the first month or 2 you do not get the discount because they need time to process the discount, so you pay full price for the first month or two. Tell me that’s not a rip off.