Here’s something we weren’t expecting to see. Ever. Verizon has started rolling out an update to the Samsung Continuum, the OG Galaxy S variant with a small secondary screen below the navigation area. Curb your enthusiasm: it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s not even Gingerbread. It’s Android 2.2 Froyo, a version of Android that is now a full one year and nine months out of date. Continuum owners, if there are any of you left, please try to contain your boundless joy.

The Samsung Continuum was released on November 11th, 2010, and hadn’t received a major update until now. That’s 463 days of “support” running an operating system that was out of date when the phone launched. We’re not ones to pass around the “F” word lightly, but this sort of thing is what gives Android its fragmented reputation. Heck, six weeks after the Continuum showed up on store shelves, the Nexus S and Gingerbread appeared as well.

The Continuum uses a unique “ticker” design, with a 480×96 screen beneath the main 3.4-inch screen. The form factor didn’t catch on, despite Samsung supporting it with a handful of custom-made apps and an SDK. For other phones with wacky form factors that didn’t catch on, check out the Kyocera Echo and the LG DoublePlay. To update your Continuum, just go to Settings, About Phone, System Updates, Check New. There’s two different packages that you’ll need to download and allow your phone to flash.

Check out this hands-on video, for old time’s sake:

[vms 77135b916ef286bcb49e]

  • N Griffith05

    has anyone received this upgrade? I have just upgraded today, but my continuum is not working as it normally did before. I cannot make calls or send texts. Any thoughts?  Still super excited about FINALLY getting this update!

    • S Hurst97

      You can’t make calls our text during the update process, as you probably know by now, as for the other guy I’d try plugging your phone in. Sounds stupid but the update takes a lot of power and a will reboot automatically when done. Mine its working great and I’m enjoying my netflix account finally

  • Ldeworken

    Got a message that a verizon update was starting on my phone and now my continuum is DEAD as a doornail. I was happier being ignorant of any updates. Still hoping it will magically come back to life, but not sure how that’s going to work out…. Loved my continuum – no problems with it… until now! Thanks Verizon!

  • Dougj

    Mine upgraded and my phone sucks now – no problems before.  Everything is slow to open (texts, phone, Twitter, etc.) and the battery dies within 15 hours of moderate use.  Previous to that, it would go a couple days.  Any help is appreciated – I plan on visiting a Verizon store soon. 

  • ggd

    I have never had my phone run out of battery.  Since this update, my phone doesn’t work normally either.  Will not sync up in the car with the Bluetooth.  Was very happy with this phone but now has become very undependable.  Upgrade not due until Oct.  Right now I am not a happy Verizon customer!!! I will be visiting a Verizon store soon also!

  • Bellum23

    I have had nothing nut problems with my phone. It has been replaced 3 times now because of it dialing random number, freezing up, and my favorite… it will scroll deleted text message across the ticker screen and at that point I have to remove the battery and restart it. Loved the phone when I first got it now I hate it and I had another year to go before I can up grade. I would not recommend this phone to anyone.